LoveRaw launches vegan milk chocolate bar alongside major rebrand

Self-declared “Unvegan” vegan chocolate company, LoveRaw, has beaten Cadbury to market with its launch of a specifically vegan ‘milk’ chocolate bar, alongside a major rebrand.

The ‘M:lk Choc Bars’ come in three flavours: Just Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Peanut Butter filled. LoveRaw’s focus is on delivering vegan chocolate that tastes like ‘chocolate chocolate’ and does not compromise on taste. The products are also non-artificial and contain no palm oil.

The new LoveRaw bars are available in ‘On the go’, ‘Impulse’ and ‘Convenience’ and have real potential to fill a void in the vegan market, as recent research shows that milk chocolate is one of the most-missed foods by vegans. LoveRaw’s mantra for its new range is ‘chocolate first, vegan second’.

Rimi Thapar, entrepreneur and co-founder of LoveRaw, said: “In the past, vegan food has been given a bad rep for a variety of reasons, including the assumption of an inferior flavour. This stigma is slowly fading as the industry evolves, but despite what many consumers (and businesses) think, there shouldn’t have to be a trade-off when it comes to vegan products and how they taste.

“The UK vegan market is set to grow by 327% over the next 12 months alone. By putting all of our efforts into developing a great-tasting vegan milk chocolate bar, we believe we have successfully provided a solution for both vegans and not-so-traditional “Unvegan” vegans who want to dip in and out of veganism as and when they choose.”

LoveRaw has channelled its fun and edgy side through its new branding, with a refreshed logo and cartoon illustrations of co-founders Rimi and Manav Thapar on its packaging, reflecting the brand’s ethos of not taking itself too seriously.

Both LoveRaw’s rebrand and new product launch follows a recent seven-figure investment from Blue Horizon Ventures, a venture capitalist renowned for investing in ‘game-changing’ plant-based food brands; together with the appointment of new non-executive director, Juliet Barratt, co-founder and previous chief marketing officer of Grenade.

Barratt commented: “Supermarket chains and other independent food retailers are experiencing significant growth in the vegan category.

“A growing percentage of consumers are looking for vegan alternatives to their usual confectionery purchases. When a vegan chocolate bar actually tastes like chocolate is likely to sell incredibly well within this growing market. I am, therefore, very excited for the launch of the new LoveRaw M:lk Choc Bar range and, aside from beating Cadburys to it, believe it will be well- received by both retailers and consumers alike.”

LoveRaw’s M:lk Choc Bar range is to be phased in throughout April 2020 but is already available in Whole Foods UK and Boots, with additional retailers to be announced in the coming weeks.

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