Gerhard Schubert receives Smeta ethical trading certification

Packaging equipment specialist Gerhard Schubert has successfully passed the Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit and received Smeta certification, recognising its socially responsible approach to its business operations.

The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) has confirmed that the German-based company is conducting itself in an ethical manner, with the company aiming to set the standards within the sector for its approach to the industry.

The global family-owned business noted that it sets high standards for itself not only in terms of product quality and innovative, but also in its dealings with customers, business partners and employees. Schubert was certified for the first time in May 2015.

“The renewed Smeta certification is a confirmation of our philosophy in our daily dealings with people. We attach great importance to integrity, honesty, ethically flawless and fair conduct, as well as compliance with applicable laws,” explains Ralf Schubert, managing partner of Gerhard Schubert. “With the Schubert Code of Conduct, we explicitly acknowledge our responsibility towards our business and social environment. Each employee receives a copy and is required to act accordingly.”

Smeta is a globally recognised audit developed by the British Sedex Associate Auditor Group non-profit organisation. It helps organisations minimise risk by promoting transparency throughout the supply chain.

Schubert added that companies such as Danone and Nestlé, which are also part of its customer base, rely on this audit in collaboration with their business partners. An impartial auditor from Bureau Veritas inspected the German company’s production facilities in depth during tours in all areas and ascertained through individual and group interviews with employees that the guidelines under the law and the ETI Basic Code were being complied with.

The extensive audit evaluates a company’s production sites and value chains according to national laws and the ethical ETI Code and confirms that Schubert acts in accordance with the right processes and adheres to the best practice guidelines for ethical trade in line with the needs of its customers.

In the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI), companies have joined forces with their customers, trade unions, international human rights and development organisations to promote working conditions, employee and human rights. Certification is carried out in keeping with the initiative’s firmly defined ethical guidelines – with topics such as work guidelines, health and safety at the forefront. Another pillar of the audit relates to the environment and business practices.

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