Lambertz founder Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker gains ISM award

German confectionery business owner Dr. Hermann Bühlbecker, of the Lambertz company and brand, has received an ISM award in Cologne.

Event organisers presented the charismatic company founder with the accolade in recognition of his service towards the industry over the past decades.

In addition to the personal achievement accolade, the ceremony also saw several other awards being presented. These included Chocal for its biodegradable packaging that judges were reportedly impressed with in providing an environmentally-friendly focus.

ISM awards also went to products from hemp-based Swiss Cannabis gum and Hemptastic, as well as Frucht Roll-up, which all earned honours based on their innovation.

Regarding the personal achievement ISM award, Bühlbecker (pictured centre), has represented the company personally at ISM every year and hosts the renowned “Lambertz Monday Night” with its chocolate and fashion show. The group’s sales have increased since 1978 from the equivalent of EUR 8 million at the time to EUR 666 million today, making the business a global market leader in biscuit ranges.

Speaking at a special awards dinner event held at SkyKoln last night in Germany, the entrepreneur welcomed the accolade.

The Lambertz owner said: “It’s a big responsibility to have a company such as ours, but it has been a pleasure to be involved with in playing our part in the sweets and snacks industry. We have to look to make the right decisions in meeting the demands of our customers.

“Over the years, the business has been about bringing lifestyle, fashion and sweets to the industry, as well as great parties, and our social community work, which is an important part of our sustainability,” enthused the confectionery company founder, who said that heading-up his company had been rewarding ‘right from the get-go.”

Lambertz is a business claiming a total history across its brands going back 1,000 years. No other German company has as many protected designations of origin (Nuremberg gingerbread, Aachener Printen and Dresdner Stollen) as Lambertz, driven by the professor.

Furthermore, the international orientation of the company could be expanded through regular participation at ISM, where Lambertz has been represented since the trade fair was established and has one of the largest stands.

Besides being the sole owner of the 4,000-strong Lambertz Group, Bühlbecker is also an entrepreneur and above all the person behind the successful company history of the last 40 years.

This is also reflected in the numerous awards. In addition to the Federal Cross of Merit, Bühlbecker’s distinctions also include the “National Entrepreneur of the Year” (FAZ, Manager Magazin and Ernst & Young), the “Goldener Zuckerhut” (Lebensmittel Zeitung) and the “Goldene Uhr” (Sweets Global Network e.V. international confectionery association) awards.






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