Survey shows increase in demand for health-enhancing ingredients

Consumers are increasingly taking a more proactive approach to health and wellness, which has led to a growth in functional food, beverage and supplement markets globally, according to latest international research.

Findings from a GlobalData study showed that nearly 80% of people are keen to consume health-enhancing ingredients, including a greater range of nutrient-enhanced confectionery and bakery products within the wider food market. This has seen the development of major products such as GoodnessKnows bars, which feature fruit and nuts within a bar featuring a thin layer of chocolate, as well as new ranges being put into development such as the soon-to-be released UK ranges such as the Flavanola cacao bar, which is claimed to have cardiovascular health benefits.

In Asia specifically, more than half of consumers are actively purchasing foods and beverages that help to improve overall health and wellbeing. This consumer activity is growing the market for functional foods and beverages, as well as bolstering growth for vitamins and supplements. Asia is the largest functional food and beverage market, with an estimated value of $104 billion and projected steady growth at a CAGR of 3.6% over the next five years.

Countries such as China are forecast to experience strong growth increasing in market size by nearly 18% through 2022. Many factors influence the growth and mainstreaming of functional foods and beverages, including a more proactive consumer approach to managing their health. Busy lives also mean consumers seek out convenient yet healthy snacks on the go.

Further growth is expected within the vitamins & dietary supplements market in Asia, which is currently valued at $46 billion and expected to grow nearly 25% through to 2022.  Responding to the demand for functional foods, beverages and supplements, Kerry, the taste and nutrition company, will exhibit for the first time at Vitafoods Asia from September 11-12 in Singapore.

“We believe the functional ingredients market for foods, beverages and supplements is well primed for continued growth in Asia. This is due to a rising population, growth in disposable incomes and, most importantly, an increasing consumer interest in functional products with clear health benefits and great taste. For example, we see lots of innovation in this space, with a proliferation of healthy, exciting, portable and contemporary snacks being launched,” commented Brian Nevin, senior business development director, Asia.

“Kerry is in an outstanding position to partner with our customers. We develop innovative new products using our market leading expertise in taste and nutrition, combined with our breadth of applications knowledge. We are delighted to exhibit at Vitafoods Asia for the first time and look forward to meeting and collaborating with nutraceutical industry partners from across the Asia Pacific region.”

Kerry will feature two of its world-renowned branded functional ingredients, GanedenBC30 probiotics which help to support digestive health and Wellmune, a proprietary baker’s yeast beta glucan clinically proven to support immune health. Additionally, the company will highlight its premium protein range including plant-based ProDiem and dairy-based Ultranor proteins, as well as TasteSense taste modulation technology.

The company will also be showcasing a variety of concepts that incorporate the company’s functional ingredient solutions at Stand J19. This will include confectionery based products such as a chocolate brownie Protein Bar with probiotics – featuring GanedenBC30 and Ultranor milk protein Isolate. There will also be a chocolate blueberry plant protein bar, as well as a children’s immunity gummy range.

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