Toblerone to return in larger format after consumer reaction

Toblerone bars are to be revived in their original form following reaction from consumers over a decision to reduce the number of peaks in its distinctive alpine design.

The ‘shrinkflation’ move two years ago saw the iconic product reduce from 170g to 150g, with the rising cost of ingredients being blamed.

However, fans were quick to voice their disappointment on social media, with some even blaming the change on the national vote for Brexit.

According to the Guardian newspaper, the revival of Toblerone in a larger 200g format complete with restored peak, comes at a price – £3.09 to be precise, making it more than double previous price of around £1.

Manufacturer Mondelēz International said two years ago that the reduction in size for the much-loved brand was ‘a short-term solution.’ It will no longer be sold by Poundland, which reportedly gained £12 million in sales from the bars last year.

In response to the shrinking of Toblerone, the discount store launched its own rival, Twin Peaks, but its resemblance to the original product resulted in Mondelēz International seeking their removal from sale due to the close similarity with its own product.

As we have has previously reported, Toblerone is not alone in the phenomenon of shrinkflation, with Maltesers being cut 15% for sharing bags, as well as Cadbury’s creme egg packs being reduced from six to five within a box.

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), a total of 2,529 products across the food market have been made smaller between 2012 and 2017. This compared against 614 that had been made larger.

Andy Baxendale, a Confectionery Production editorial board member, believed it would be a question of waiting to see just how customers greeted the news of the Toblerone’s soon to be revived shape.

He said: “This is either a climbdown or a clever marketing trick, giving people what they want while adding on a price rise. If it’s the former then the costs involved of reverting to the old shape with all the new moulds will be huge.”

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