‘How to’ videos to showcase best practice

Silverson Machines has released a series of new ‘How to’ videos to demonstrate and instruct how to get the best results from key food ingredients, including xanthan gum.

The series includes ‘How to’ information on applications such as mixing xanthan gum, dispersing titanium dioxide and high speed sugar dissolving at ambient temperature.

With more people turning to video for information, Silverson began producing video content to help manufacturers get best results when using a high shear mixer.

Although Silverson has previously produced videos focusing on the capabilities and range of their mixing equipment, the new series of videos is intended to help them improve their processes and get the best yield from their ingredients with the help of a Silverson High Shear Mixer.

By focusing on what people are searching for online, ‘How to dissolve sugar without heating the water’ for example, Silverson’s new videos target a new audience.

Harold Rothman, managing director of Silverson, says, “Videos are very demonstration friendly allowing the viewer to quickly understand the benefits of Silverson mixers.”

More ‘How to’ videos are being filmed including videos on emulsions and high active surfactants. Additional videos will be released over the course of the year covering a range of applications over the food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

The videos can be accessed via the company’s YouTube channel and its website.

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