Reviving the gum market with enhanced vitamin ingredients

With gum markets across the world coming under pressure as consumers increasingly make a switch to confectionery perceived as offering healthier choices, manufacturers have responded with sugar free ranges and increased product innovation. Thibault Bain, of Blockhead energy gum explains how the business has responded to changing demandsĀ 

We have seen considerable trends in people wanting more than just confectionery or chewing gum. Consumers are demanding energy, protein and vitamins – something that gives more bang for their buck. It also follows the trend that people are becoming more and more time poor. They are looking for simple and easy things to add to their life and their health.

Those insights have been at the core of our on-going product development and are why our range of functional chewing gums has been selling so well and getting widespread buy-in from shoppers.

Our Energy Gum provides a quick and convenient performance boost for people on the go with the added benefits of B vitamins, ginseng and caffeine that get to work in only 5 minutes via oral absorption – compared to liquid forms of energy that can take up to 45 minutes to be absorbed when digested. Meanwhile, two pieces of our vitamin gum provide 100% of your RDA of vitamins A, B, C & D, which is essential considering 1 in 5 adults and 1 in 6 children are deficient in vitamin D in the UK.

While sugar confectionery sales are still going strong, the whole sector is currently facing pressure from the changing attitudes consumers are displaying towards confectionery products. We’ve seen that more shoppers are becoming aware of the ingredients in their products, as well as becoming more health-conscious. While they are after something tasty, it also needs to have a functional benefit for them in some way. Blockhead sits right in this arena – offering an enjoyable experience while boosting mental and physical performance.

We only launch new products if they’re genuinely innovative, that’s what Blockhead is all about – providing quality products that the public and retailers are excited to try. We believe that what we’ve created is truly unique – combining the best of science and technology to create a gum with added performance benefits, whether you’re an athlete looking for that energy boost or a student taking an exam that’s looking for an immediate pick-me-up.

Development of the brand

Born from the recognition that other energy products on the market don’t boost performance fast enough, Blockhead, which is now available at a number of UK outlets, has staked its claim, creating a new category that sits squarely between the booming energy drinks market, and the declining chewing gum sector: functional confectionery.

The company’s Energy Gum’s main active ingredient is caffeine – for its proven benefits in both sports and day-to-day life – with B vitamins also vital to the formula to help metabolise energy and Panax Ginseng to enhance physical and mental well-being. Its Vitamin Gum was developed to create an enjoyable way to provide consumers’ daily dose of vitamins D, C, B and A, which is important in the UK, where one in five adults are vitamin D deficient.

The production process utilises cold-pressed technology so that the active ingredients release from the chewing gum-base itself, as opposed to adding a cake-like layer which is commonplace in other chewing gum brands. Removing all heat from the production process ensures that the active ingredients don’t lose any potency.


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