Wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year

Here’s wishing one and a very Happy New Year, wherever in the world that you are based, and may it be a rewarding and engaging one indeed for us all, as we continue to push forward in our respective businesses amid ongoing global challenges.

While there are clearly troubling conditions around the world with conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine in particular that are continuing to have an impact on communities around the globe, we can but hope that this year will restore some much-needed peace and balance to international affairs.

As far as our own sectors are concerned, there will no doubt be some interesting times ahead with the upcoming ISM and ProSweets events that are fast drawing near, as well as plans for our own show later this year in September that are also getting off the ground as we speak.

With deadlines calling for our next edition, it simply remains to remind you all that we warmly welcome your news stories and comments from right across the world, so please don’t be shy in getting in touch with any breaking stories from across our full spectrum of the industry.

From ingredients and equipment and finished products, through to systems and wider technology driving manufacturing operations. It’s vital that we continue to hear from you, so thanks indeed to all those who have been in touch throughout the year. Your engagement is absolutely vital to the vibrancy of our publication and websites, so while we of course will continue to do our bit in placing the industry under the microscope, wider contributions are definitely to be encouraged.  So please do drop me a line at [email protected] with any news or views for the industry – which is continuing to evolve at a significant rate, meaning there’s rarely if ever a dull moment. We’ll see you shortly in Cologne for the next ISM!

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