Sector continues to back global multi-billion Valentine’s market

According to latest research from the National Confectioners Association, Valentine’s Day, and the build-up to it is worth a staggering sum of $4 billion in terms of sweets and snacks gifting.

So, it’s little wonder that manufacturers have typically tapped into the market for romantic-based treats, which show little sign of slowing down in popularity.

From classic British fizzy sweets such as Love Hearts, right through to luxury premium branded chocolates forged by the likes of Ferrero, Lindt or Mars, it seems that chocolate in particular, has lost none of its sheen as the ‘go to choice’ for couples marking the occasion.

According to sector research in recent years, Valentines stands as the third largest confectionery occasion in the US in particular, accounting for around 25% of confectionery sales – hence the strong level of support that product ranges have been given to the major February diary date.

Interestingly, during the pandemic, it seems sales of confectionery, including chocolate, actually rose during the past couple of years, as people increasingly turned to comfort food and familiar favourites to get them through unprecedented times. So, it’s perhaps completely not surprising to learn that projected sales are expected to increase by a further 5%, now that Covid-19 is increasingly less of a factor around the world, we’re all able to meet up that much more often, and the chance to exchange gifts in person is something that clearly matters a lot to many people.

Have there been any completely jaw-dropping new innovations around the aisles this year? Well, in truth, it seems there’s a good deal of conservative thinking on the part of manufacturers – boxed premium chocs are the big seller within this category. It’s probably always been the case, and is a real constant for the sector. But keep your eyes peeled for special edition products as varied as Toblerone Valentine’s, personalised Love Hearts, chocolate lipstick being offered by M&S in the UK, and a host of chocolate hearts on offer from many retailers that should at least bring a smile to your face amid the relative gloom of dark winter nights.

Neill Barston, editor, Confectionery Production

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