Mondelez-Clif deal underscores continuing demand for energy-boosting snacks

Guest blog: Following the news that Mondelez International has bought US energy bar maker Clif,  Alice Popple, Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, offers her view

Mondelez’s initiative to expand its snack business highlights people’s persistent demand for easy, convenient, on-the-go food. Globally, 47%* of consumers deem ‘convenience’ to be essential when making a purchase, which reinforces the motive behind Mondelez’s recent acquisition to take over successful snack brand Clif.

However, the snack aspect of Clif’s energy bars is not its main selling point, as the products feature energy-boosting claims. The demand for energy boosting ingredients is high following the pandemic, with 35% of global consumers deeming this to be essential when making a purchase, and 48% agreeing that it is nice to have. Now that offices and gyms have reopened, consumers are actively looking for products that can give them that extra boost in the day following two years of lockdowns, with Clif perfectly positioned for this.

Clif bars are also proudly natural, organic and plant-based, which adds value to Mondelez’s plant-based and ‘healthy’ product portfolio. Such claims are aligned with the consumer preferences discovered in GlobalData’s 2022 Q2 survey, where we found that 42%* of global consumers deem ‘natural’ properties to be essential, while almost a third (30%) say the same for ‘plant-based’ claims. Clif has acknowledged these preferences and tailored its product to meet these needs. The knowledge, expertise and resources that Mondelez can utilise to facilitate Clif in a growth strategy will allow the brand to succeed further and will pave the way for other independent natural snack brands.”


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