Sollich confirms line-up for return of iba confectionery and bakery show

German-based chocolate processing equipment specialist Sollich has confirmed its appearance at this year’s iba confectionery and bakery event, which returns after a five-year enforced break owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, reports Neill Barston.

The company confirmed that it is set to unveil a number of production optimisation enhancements to its machinery at the event between 22-26 October, in Munich, building upon its recent showcase at Interpack (Ralf Schäffer executive director of the business, pictured), which proved a reported success for the business (see our exclusive extended feature review here).

As the business, which will be exhibiting alongside sister company Chocotech noted, in order to realise high machine availabilities and to meet at the same time the increasing hygiene standards, the company sets highest value on an efficient, easy cleaning of the machines.

Further improvements in research and development have been made in the scope of digitalisation regarding the information exchange between Sollich specialists and its customers’ machine operators.

To this end, the company has enthusiastically founded the SweetConnect digital platform- where users can manage all their integrated production machines at a glance. Documents such as operating instructions, spare parts catalogs and cross-manufacturer maintenance managers are just some of the basic functions made possible with the help of the system.

In conjunction with the “Fast Lane” remote maintenance tools, data from the application process are transmitted to optimise services and increase machine availability. On AI, the company has introduced self-analysis of its tempering machines, which will enable automatic adjustment of the temperature values in order to reduce human working capacities and to increase the quality of the tempered chocolate at the same time.

The variety of the equipment features at each machine has been increased and contributes to an improved quality. This includes, for example, the dew point display within the cooling tunnel or the automatic measurement of the degree of temper in the enrobing machine with the Tempergraph.

Among its highlights for iba will be an enrobing machine type Enromat M6-1050 with 1050 mm belt width. This will be equipped with a new electronic reproducibility aid of the mechanical settings (patent pending). Following the Enromat M6-1050 is a part of a chocolate cooling tunnel of the Thermo-Flow + type LSK.

There will also be an automatic decorating device, type Decormatic, DC4 with 820 mm installed on a decorating belt and Minitemper MT 100 for feeding the decorating machine. The machine will be on display with chocolate during the exhibition. The diverse decoration patterns are programmable, i.e. product change can be done very easily.

Further highlights include a Turbotemper type TE 1800 for feeding the enrobing machine type Enromat M6. The Turbotemper  includes an automatic Tempermeter type Tempergraph.

In addition, its displays will also include a Turbotemper type TT 100 B Airo for small capacities. The TT 100 B Airo is equipped with a heating reservoir tank and a feed pump, especially designed for tempering smaller chocolate capacities in a superior tempering quality. The integrated aeration system allows aeration of the mass.

Moreover, the company will also show  a complete chocolate coating machine type Minicoater MC 420 with 420 mm belt width will be on display with chocolate, followed by a Thermo-Flow+ cooling tunnel type LSK 420. This machine is running very successfully at small and medium-sized companies setting new standards in the sector of mini enrobing technology.


There will also be further caramel enrobing, plus a  Sollcocap (above) depositing line for refining biscuits, such as fillings like caramel, fondant, nut paste, jelly, milk or yoghurt cream or chocolate can be deposited together with ingredients. The performance of the system has been highly increased and guarantees a high quality production of sandwiching products. Products, which do not meet the quality demands, e.g. a biscuit, does not match the shape, will be sorted out automatically by the machine.


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