Sponsored text: Interpack 2023: Tecno3 presents the future of continuous melting plants

Interpack will be an important opportunity to engage directly with a large technical team that will be on hand to show visitors how far innovation can go.  

After two years of planning, research and development, Tecno3 announces the arrival of a single plant to process raw materials of different types: we are within the family of fats, cocoa and chocolate, butter and dairy products.  

The intention was born in 2021, in response to a direct need of the food industry world, which requires compact, easy and efficient solutions, not only from the production point of view, but also in terms of cleaning optimization. 

Precisely because of this need, the new Tecno3 continuous melter includes an innovative washing device that allows alternating two types of fluids depending on the product to be processed. 

The future of melting plants is thus reflected in the principles of safety, speed and efficiency. A key role in this regard is played by the considerable reduction in overall dimensions, up to 50 percent, and the installation time of the machine itself within the production layout. Definitely fast times are also noted for the installation and testing phases. 

But it is the safety side that emphasizes even more the drive toward the future. Control barriers give way to radar warning of danger zones, and consequently to smoother cleaning and maintenance processes. 

The marked interest in continuous technological innovation finds its pike in the customer experience, through a new operator panel that greatly facilitates plant operation by improving human-machine interaction. In the Internet Of Things era, Tecno3 aligns the new continuous melter with a family design concept by promoting smarter usability. 

Come and discover how far innovation can go, meet us at Interpack: Hall 03 stand 3F91 

TECNO3, since two generations we have been technical partners of the best confectionery companies 

TECNO3 is an Italian entrepreneurial reality, a reference point for technological innovation in the confectionery industry to provide complete industrial solutions for: 

Our competitive strength is research and development, based on a deep understanding of production processes to continuously increase the value of our plants, focusing on the needs of the food industry to design, engineer and deliver turnkey plants based on new technological knowledge. 

We optimise company performance, thanks to a Lean Transformation path we ensure more efficient management of production processes:, reduced delivery times and a high rating thanks to an ISO 9001 certified quality system. 

TECNO3 is committed to improving processes and enhancing the characteristics of the final product, respecting the nutritional and organoleptic properties of raw materials. 

Production processes can be replicated in advance in a specially equipped test area within TECNO3 in order to obtain final products with the characteristics required by production requirements. The same test area can also be used in R&D to test new products for market introduction. 

Every day we dedicate ourselves to create together innovative, stimulating and pleasant technologies for the daily life in the world; we operate and export into 5 continents and 30 countries. 

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