Food Union CEO Normunds Stanevics steps down, as CFO Arturs Cirjevskis takes the helm

After three years in his post Normunds  , CEO of the Food Union group, producing ice cream and dairy series, has resigned from his role, and has been succeeded by former CFO Arturs Cirjevskis, writes Neill Barston.

The Latvian-headquartered business has expanded its presence across Europe, as well as further afield in Asia and other global markets, delivering a broad range of regionally-targeted products.

Confectionery Production previously interviewed Normunds Stanevics (below) on the company’s progression within the region, discussing its continued expansion and overall development as a company.

The company’s new CEO, Arturs Cirjevskis has more than 10 years of experience in general management and operational finance in producing FMCG companies in Latvia. He has been with the Food Union Group since 2015 when Food Union acquired its third asset in Latvia, Rīgas Piensaimnieks Ltd, the owner of Latvian legacy mega brands Kārums (curd snacks and other delightful product categories), Dzintars (processed cheese) and Mājas (convenience food). Arturs Cirjevskis was then the CEO and Member of the Board at Rīgas Piensaimnieks, Ltd. After the merger process, Cirjevskis became the CFO of Food Union Group in Europe, and until now has been responsible for financial controlling, planning and treasury.

Food Union’s commercial strategy and business development in Denmark, Norway and Romania will be guided and supported by Aivar Aus, CEO of Premia TKH, Estonian flagship ice cream producer and No.1 ice cream brand in Estonia. Aivars’ almost 30 years of professional experience in the production and trade of ice cream brands, as well as the Premia’s constant growth over the past few years serve as a foundation for him to implement the next stage of the Group’s evolution together with seasoned team from Food Union Latvia branch.

Speaking on his departure from the business, Normunds Stanevics commented on LinkedIn. He said: “There here are many people who I have to thank for making this time so effective and productive where together we built fantastic organization with strong corporate values and very solid financial performance. We strengthened Food Union positions in all markets, significantly improved financial performance and continued to treat our customers with strengthening beloved brands, entering new categories, continuously innovating new products and flavours, and constantly developing and improving channels of reaching existing and new customers. Great teamwork, commitment, fun, and dedication helped to build second to none pan European branded ice cream, snacks and dairy company celebrated by consumers, professional players and partners alike.

“I want to say a very big thank you to everyone who made this journey possible. I trust that Food Union will successfully continue it journey to hearts of consumers and I wish decades of prosperity, success and longevity for Food Union and all stakeholders around.”

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