From fine confectionery traditions to a new industry chapter

Loynds even had an old copy of Confectionery Production from 1942!

One of my last editorial duties of the year found me returning to Lancashire in the UK to visit equipment business Loynds, which has plenty of heritage in the confectionery trade.

The company’s long association with traditional British sweets (it once held the world record for producing the largest stick of Blackpool rock in the early 1970’s), has meant it has a particularly strong knowledge of the various aspects of the sector.

These days, it has become a specialist in the equipment field for small and medium-sized manufacturers, and as such, the business has been a long-term subscriber to Confectionery Production, going back to the 1940’s.

So, it was fascinating to see amid the company’s records, some of those early editions of the magazine – which began in a pre-war era that was light years away from our 21st century world.

While thankfully there are no longer prevailing 1940’s issues such as product rationing to take into consideration, it was intriguing to note that similar issues remained important.

From ensuring equipment efficiency, through to discussing some of the latest confectionery and machinery making its way to market, we hope that our title has engaged with a broad spectrum of topics within the confectionery and bakery trade.

Our publication is hoping to add to its history with a notable new venture in supporting the debut World Confectionery Conference, which has now launched a new website (, that aims to ensure everyone is kept fully up to date on the build-up to the event next September in Brussels.


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