Caobisco marks its 60th anniversary in Brussels

This week finds me in Brussels covering the 60th anniversary celebrations for Caobisco, the chocolate, biscuit and confectionery trade organisation for the European market.

It’s an important milestone for the organisation, which has represented the interest of the industry across the decades, working with governments from across the continent in a bid to ensure the sector retains its place within wider food markets.

There have been many issues for this well established trade body to tackle during its existence, not least of which are issues such as how its members are responding to health and wellbeing agendas in reformulating their products with less sugar and salt. There have also been relatively recent tests to consider, including the potential impact of Britain leaving the EU, and its expected effects upon industry supply chains which we have tackled in previous editions of Confectionery Production.

With trading conditions often posing particularly challenging scenarios, it is vital that industry has such bodies to offer a collective voice in order to find appropriate solutions. While industry and governments do not always necessarily see eye-to-eye on every matter that involves them, without consistent dialogue and reputable industry voice in the background such as Caobisco, then many businesses may find trading especially daunting.

So here’s to the next 60 years for this key sector organisation, which will be continuing to work with as a magazine, so watch this space for upcoming developments.


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