The grand saga of Brexit continues to cast a shadow

Just when you started to suspect that there might finally be an end in sight to the Brexit saga, it takes yet another twist in its grand, and at times dizzying soap opera.

For what it’s worth, the UK has now been granted yet another extension until January 31st to decide if, after well over three years of debate, argument and sheer confusion, whether Britain will actually depart from the EU or not.

As far as business is concerned, the continued uncertainty will be in no way welcomed, but it was clear from many surrounding the debate that the deal effectively created an additional trading barrier down the Irish sea – which remains deeply unacceptable to many at the centre of the whole process.

In terms of confectionery and snacks businesses, the impact of having no formal trading arrangements in terms of potential new tariffs is a deeply troubling prospect.

While many have cited a “Brexit fatigue” for simply signing off on a deal at this point in time as the best course of action, what is at stake in terms of trade over the next few decades is in fact far too important to adopt such an attitude.

Consequently, we have an English election on December 12th, which has not happened since 1923, and did not end well on that occasion for the party in power, the Conservatives. Whether they will fare any better nearly a century later with such a move is hard to fathom.

Few, if any have put forward a coherent argument for departing the EU with no deal agreed with the trading bloc, so we can only hope that some sort of sense prevails over the coming two months.

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