Changing global tastes

According to research group Globaldata, consumers in the Asia-Pacific region are increasingly seeking healthier options as part of their regular snacking behaviour.

The results of this latest study are perhaps not all that surprising, given that awareness across the world on improving health through reducing sugar and intake of calories is something that is an increasing factor within many cultures.

It is certainly no accident that as far as Asia is concerned, there are a number of new products making their way to market that have addressed consumer concerns over reducing sugar content in particular.

This is a pattern that has played out around the world, with manufacturers including Mars, Nestle and Mondelez International all clamouring to offer alternative versions of existing ‘standard’ confectionery ranges that promise the same or similar taste, yet offer reduced sugar.

Whether the public takes to such options in a serious way, only time will tell, but the fact that considerable research and development time is now being placed into reformulation efforts means that after a comparatively slow start, confectionery companies are taking steps to respond to fast-changing markets around the world.

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