Every little counts towards the environment

For this month’s edition, you may notice something a little different about hard copies of our magazine – which come in new environmentally-friendly potato starch wrapping.

We’re attempting to do our bit by moving away from traditional plastic options in a bid to be a little closer to being as carbon neutral as we can in our operations.

The new magazine wraps are both biodegradable and compostable, being produced from biopolymers made of starch from potato products and food industry waste. They can be disposed of in home composting or food waste bins.

It’s an approach that several UK national newspapers have taken with their businesses, and it’s something we have been particularly keen to engage with.

On a personal level, having seen businesses such as ingredients company Palsgaard achieve carbon neutrality in its global operations (see this month’s magazine), it’s encouraging that such major businesses within our sector are really setting the standards for what can be achieved in terms of being environmentally sustainable.

Indeed, providing materials for use in our sector is a theme that we have consistently visited. It is particularly encouraging to note that a number of key businesses that we have focused, are increasingly looking at how they can produce the most ethically and environmentally-minded packaging systems and production equipment possible.


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