Making environmental headway

The design and development of packaging systems and associated end product materials have undergone a considerable series of improvements in recent years.

This is especially the case in terms of applying advanced technology to control systems and operator interfaces as far as equipment is concerned.

But it is perhaps no surprise to note the ongoing consumer backlash against packaging materials considered environmentally damaging, with particular concerns over the use of plastics showing no sign of abating.

Thankfully, there are a number of businesses showing strong innovation on this particularly hot topic, including MacPac, with its new fully recyclable Breakdown PET solution that has been developed for use within confectionery.

The company explained that the product, which includes at least 90% recyclate, is sent to landfill in a conventional manner, but its design takes several years to degrade rather than far longer with non-recyclable material.

For the long-term it will be vital that systems such as this will be taken-up as an industry-standard, and the company behind has done some commendable work in addressing a major issue.

There are of course others out there working on the same issue, including Irish-based Quinn Packaging with its Detecta series of environmentally friendly black plastic trays. The company hopes their use will avert thousands of tonnes of plastics going to waste.

The issue fits neatly with wider sustainability agendas that many leading companies within the confectionery and bakery sectors are increasingly turning their attention to as an integral part of their respective business plans.

One thing is certain, the advent of social media has meant there is no hiding place now for those who do not wish to engage with improving the world around them and trying to minimise commercial impact on our environment.


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  1. Breakdown PET is 100% recyclable in the same way as any PET material, however, should it end up in landfill then it will biodegrade. Despite all efforts to educate the consumer of the importance of recycling and sustainability there is still a high percentage of plastics which go to landfill. Breakdown PET is designed to address this massive issue, whilst being completely recyclable when passed through existing waste streams .

    This is a fundamental and important difference to compostable materials which contaminate existing RPET waste streams.

    best regards,

    Graham Kershaw

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