ISM and ProSweets deliver once again

Preparing for ProSweets and ISM events typically involves a considerable amount of planning and logistics – but this year proved once again it was well worth the effort.

As a team, we were impressed with the wide range of international visitors for these ever-evolving industry showcases, many of whom we were glad to see visiting our publication’s stand.

Across both events in Cologne there were a number of significant launches across finished products, services and equipment that stood out as being something special.

Clearly, thanks are due to the five pavilions at ISM we formed links with including Brazil, Germany, Poland, Istanbul and Greece, that helped gain our title its largest exposure ever at the event. Further thanks are due to ZDS for its support in the ProSweets hall.

While there may be a number of factors in the wider economy such as the looming prospect of Brexit that were hot topics at the events in Germany, it was encouraging to hear a sense of optimism from many exhibitors and visitors.

For those on the UK pavilion in particular, there was a recognition that it was especially important to be seen at such major European fairs in order to maintain connections with close trading partners, while forging new contacts from around the world.


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