Nassau Candy creates gummy and gumball ranges for Sweets & Snacks showcase

Speciality and private label confectionery group Nassau Candy, is introducing two new confectionery kids on the block including its Clever Candy Individual Colour Bulk Bestie Bears Gummies for Sweets & Snacks Expo, reports Neill Barston.

The company will also release its 850 Count Single-Colour Bulk Gumballs as it returns to the event ( at Booth #11948), with both designed with bulk displays, candy charcuterie boards and candy buffets in mind, they have been developed as striking additions to its portolio for the trade,

“Single-colour and colour blocked displays have grown in popularity everywhere from retail outlets to events, — even gender reveals, however, not a lot of manufacturers are creating large single-color bulk confection collections,” says Andrew Reitman, Executive Vice President, National Brand Confections for Nassau Candy.

“Our new exclusive 850 Count Single-Color Gumballs and Individual Color Bestie Bears fill this hole while also improving on best-selling, iconic confections. Each item is great on its own, but when paired together will create a grand statement anywhere they’re presented.”

Clever Candy Bestie Bears offer 12 different flavour and colour combinations all with a delightful soft chew. Included in the mix are classic varieties like cherry, orange, and grape, to more exotic like pineapple, mango, and grapefruit. It also features bold shades of red, orange, green, blue, and purple.

Clever Candy 850 Count Single-Color Gumballs take the candy classic and injects the fun and excitement of the Clever Candy brand for a creation sure to, like their tagline says, “make your sweet tooth smile.”

The 17 sku collection offers primary colors like bright red, green, and white. For a touch of elegance, the line also offers shimmer options including light pink, powder blue, silver, and gold. With a cornucopia of fruit flavors like blue raspberry, apple, banana, and classic bubble gum, Clever Candy 850 Count Single-Color Bulk Gumballs look as good as they taste. In addition to bulk, the latest lines are available for private label packaged options.

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