Happy New Year across the confectionery world

Here’s wishing one and all within our sector a very Happy New Year – we think you’ll agree that 2022 has been an especially memorable period indeed.

There have been some fine moments throughout the past 12 months as you’ll see from our annual review feature which also reflected some of the significant tests that are likely to be with us for some while, including ongoing energy and supply chain issues.

Despite this, we’ll look forward to the New Year with optimism, for if any of the many determined and resourceful individuals and companies we are involved with on a regular basis are anything to go by, then the industry’s future is in great hands.

There is of course no room for complacency in terms of developing new products, equipment and systems, as well as developing enhanced ways of trading that promote business being conducted in as ethical, environmentally and socially responsible manner as possible within the wider industry in terms of the core cocoa trade that serves the bulk of the confectionery sector.

We’ll be celebrating some of the most significant developments once again for our World Confectionery Conference for the New Year, when it returns to Brussels in September.

But for now, enjoy your celebrations around the world for New Year should you have the chance to indulge a little in a few celebration drinks to see in 2023.  Regards, Neill Barston, editor, Confectionery Production



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