British public rank their favourite Cadbury Heroes

To mark 20 years since Cadbury’s Heroes hit store selves and entered the UK’s annual Christmas gifting traditions, maker Mondelēz International has revealed the official consumer rankings of Cadbury Heroes and Roses, as decided by the British public.

Mondelēz International worked with YouGov to ask Brits to pick their favourite from a box of Cadbury Heroes and Cadbury Roses.

Cadbury Crunchie (13%) and Cadbury Twirl (13%) proved to be the nation’s favourite selection from a box of Cadbury Heroes, sharing the top spot.

Despite being the nation’s favourite bar of chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk was third place in the rankings (11%), with Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel in second (12%).

Eclairs came last in the standings (6%) with more recent additions, Dinky Decker (8%) and Creme Egg Twisted (8%) taking joint sixth.

Tastes appear to vary across the country, with Londoner’s opting for Cadbury Dairy Milk as their top Heroes of choice (17%), whilst those in the north of England went for a Cadbury Twirl (15%).

UK ranking of Cadbury Heroes:

  1. Crunchie & Twirl (13%)
  2. Caramel (12%)
  3. Cadbury Dairy Milk (11%)
  4. Wispa (10%)
  5. Fudge (9%)
  6. Creme Egg Twisted (8%)
  7. Dinky Decker (8%)
  8. Eclair (6%)

In another close battle, Hazel Whirl (14%) emerged as the champion in a box of Cadbury Roses, while Strawberry Dream was a close, and potentially surprising, second place (12%).

Bringing up the rear was the Caramel Bite (3%), voted Brit’s least favourite in a tub of Cadbury Roses.

In London, Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunk came in the top four (12%), reflecting a clear preference across both Cadbury Roses and Heroes, whilst Scots prefer Hazel in Caramel (16%).

UK ranking of Cadbury Roses:

  1. Hazel Whirl (14%)
  2. Strawberry Dream (12%)
  3. Hazel in Caramel (12%)
  4. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chunk (11%)
  5. Golden Barrel (7%)
  6. Tangy Orange Crème (7%)
  7. Country Fudge (6%)
  8. Signature Truffle (5%)
  9. Caramel Bite (3%)

Aislinn Campbell, brand manager for Cadbury Heroes said: “Everyone has their favourite in a tub of Cadbury Heroes or Roses, and these results are sure to create some debate over the dinner table this Christmas, but the nation has spoken. We’d love to hear if people disagree with these results! Personally, it’s Cadbury Dairy Milk all the way for me.”

The results are sure to cause some disagreement, but more generally, close to two-thirds (58%) of adults in the UK think that chocolate of any kind is integral to their Christmas day each year.

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