Capol GmbH

Otto-Hahn-Straße 10
D-25337 Elmshorn

Tel: +49 4121 4774 0
Fax: +49 4121 4774 29

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CAPOL plays a leading role for coatings in the confectionery industry. The portfolio serves all applications requiring coating. In detail these are anti-sticking agents for gums and jellies, glazing / polishing and sealing agents for sugar dragées or chocolate-coated centres and hard or soft caramels as well as coated acids and precoating agents for example for nuts, raisins or dried fruit. In fall 2017 Capol acquired Colarôme Inc., a private Canadian company operating in the natural ingredient sector. The patented VIVAPIGMENTS technology enables the production of a unique line of natural pigments for facilitating the creation of new coating products. In addition to natural color pigments, Capol now offers flavor formulations and natural vanilla extracts. CAPOL stocks more than 250 customized products in its range and distributes these via different sales channels in more than 75 countries worldwide. The coating specialist has its own subsidiaries in the UK, the US and Canada, with headquarters in Elmshorn, Germany. Today, the company, which is part of the Freudenberg Group, employs more than 80 staff worldwide. We aim to develop optimum solutions that are tailored to individual requirements. Our experts are available at any time with concrete support regarding the production process, raw materials or machines. We monitor market developments, trends or the change of legal requirements closely in order to adapt our portfolio regularly to new challenges. We extend our product portfolio constantly, design solutions for individual queries and provide support for the development of new products. Closely linked with the production and development departments of our customers we achieve the best results here. Formulations are tested in our modern laboratories and pilot plants. These are available exclusively to our customers, in order to develop their own or joint product ideas.

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