Candy Recycling GmbH

Lister Damm 19
30163 Hannover

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Fax: 0049 (0) 511 6267 333

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In continuation of the former Dutch based company candy recycling installations b.v. and now under new ownership, Candy Recycling GmbH is specialized in the manufacture of installations for recovering rework. All kind of confectionery rework based on sugar or sugar-free ingredients can be processed. The final result is a transparent and neutral sugar-glucose-water solution. Wrapping materials from scrap will be separated, too. Cleaning water can be re-used for recovering your rework for further savings. Customized installations with dissolving machines, vacuum filters, slottube filters are part of the Candy Recycling supply range. NO SEPARATION OF WRAPPING MATERIAL from solid hard candy, lollipops with/without chewing gum filling scrap required. ENVIROMENTAL FRIENDLY EXECUTION for re-using the cleaning/wash water coming from the candy recycling installation itself, so that virtually nearly no discharge liquids/water will be discarded into the plant sewer system. REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANTS FOR treating EFFLUENT/WASH/CLEANING WATER coming from cookers, coating drums/pans, depositor and mogul heads plus water from vacuum pumps, etc. For both re-use of the pure permeate water and of the concentrated sugar solution for dissolving normal candy rework/scrap, so that both the water and sugar solution will not be discarded into the plant sewer system. LABORATORY EQUIPMENT with small scale available to process and analyse your candy scrap samples.

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