Italy’s Ucima packaging machinery association marks 40th anniversary with industry engagement plans

An innovative venture is being launched by Ucima, the Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers’ Association, to celebrate its 40th anniversary supporting equipment businesses within the region, writes Neill Barston.

As the organisation noted, since itsĀ  foundation in 1984, it has sought to offer support to a broad range of companies in the sector and plays a pivotal role in the development and promotion of the country’s packaging industry, which today stands as a world leader in its field.

Speaking on the launch of its Ucima40 project, the industry group noted that its milestone also offers the chanceĀ to look to the future with enthusiasm and determination. Ucima40 includes a series of innovative initiatives that will actively involve all companies in the sector.

As Confectionery Production has previously covered, the packaging industry within Italy for confectionery and snacks remains notably strong, with companies such as Cama, Live-Tech and Sacmi Packaging and Chocolate all making strong contributions to the global machinery market.

By developing new communication channels such as podcasts, videos and special events, the project aims to tell the story of the sector and its key figures, offering an in-depth look at the challenges and achievements that have marked these forty years of hard work and innovation.

Special attention will also be devoted to the sector’s future, allowing those who have played a significant role in the development of the Italian packaging industry to share their experiences and success stories with the next generation. The aim of Ucima40 is to raise awareness of the Italian packaging industry and the achievements and future prospects of this innovative, hi-tech sector.

The activities of the Ucima40 project will continue throughout 2024, and will include a series of initiatives held both in Italy and abroad. These celebrations will culminate at an evening event planned for next October in the presence of all key stakeholders in the industry.

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