WNWN Food Labs unveils a trio of look-alike cocoa-free bar ranges

‘Alt-choc’ business WNWN Food Labs has unveiled plans for three thought-provoking new bars that take a leaf out of classic confectionery series, and underline a commitment to producing cocoa-free confectionery without child labour and deforestation concerns that have remained within the sector’s supply chains, reports Neill Barston.

The company is now taking advanced orders for its look-alike Choc Nut bar, which combines smooth hazelnut paste layered with cocoa-free chocolate, as well as its Choc Orange and Vegan M*lk Choc bar options that will gain their full release next week.

Notably, last year, the business gained an accolade for best new product accolade at our World Confectionery Awards, part of the World Confectionery Conference, and the London-based business has continued its upward trajectory ever since. It’s latest major news has seen the business become part of a Mondelez International start-up projection, which the company is hoping will propel its product ranges to the next level, learning from a major manufacturer, while retaining its independent status.

See our latest November edition for a full feature on the business, which stands as one of several companies around the world pioneering lab-designed cocoa alternatives (using a range of legumes), which has captured media attention around the world. (catch our recent video exclusive with WNWN Food Labs here).

“We’ve reimagined classic chocolate bars by giving them an ethical, sustainable, and cocoa-free twist,” said Ahrum Pak, WNWN CEO. “While they have a far smaller environmental impact, and they don’t rely on unfair labour practices, they are every bit as delicious. With these products we’re showing the world how our cocoa-free chocolate can power the future of sustainable snacking.”

As the company added, each bar is dairy-free, palm oil-free, and caffeine-free; all wrappers are compostable and the cardboard sleeves are recyclable, with every 48-gram bar will be sold for £5, and a bundle of each bar for £15, beginning 1 November. Pre-orders are open now at the WNWN online store: https://www.wnwnfoodlabs.com/shop

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