NCA returns to the White House supplying celebratory Easter chocolates

The US-based National Confectioners Association has made a return trip to the White House in supplying chocolate for the famed location’s annual Easter Egg Roll, reports Neill Barston.

As the organisation noted, it is proud to be involved in providing some seasonal treats for President Biden’s family and invited guests to the series of events this weekend, which mark a tradition dating back to 1878.

The White House confirmed that first Lady Jill Biden had unveiled the schedule of events for the big day, and as a teacher for more than 30 years, she continued a theme of  “EGGucation” for the event held today. This will see the site’s South Lawn and Ellipse into a school community, full of fun educational activities for children of all ages to enjoy.

It follows the NCA’s most recent appearance at the White House, supplying a range of spooky candy for the president’s Halloween celebrations.

“The National Confectioners Association is honoured to support the 2023 White House Easter Egg Roll with iconic, American-made chocolate and candy products. This time-honoured tradition celebrates the fun and joy the Easter season brings. America’s chocolate and candy companies are delighted to play a role in this exciting day and at other celebrations throughout the year,” stated John Downs, the NCA’s president and CEO.

The event featured candy from companies including the American Licorice Company, Bazooka Candy Brands, Cargill, Divine Chocolate, Ferrara Candy Company, Ferrero USA, Ford Gum, Haribo of America, Jelly Belly Candy Company, Just Born Quality Confections, Kenny’s Candy Confections, Kimmie Candy, Mars Wrigley, Original Gourmet Food Company, PIM Brands, R.M. Palmer Company, Stuffed Puffs, Taffy Town and Hershey.

In addition, as well as egg hunting and rolling, this year’s White House Easter “EGGucation” Roll also featured a School House Activity Area, Reading Nook, Talent Show, Field Trip to the Farm, Picture Day, a Physical “EGGucation” Zone, a Snack Time Tent and more. In a nod to the First Lady’s “EGGucation” theme, NASA sent one of the wooden Official White House Easter Eggs up to the International Space Station, where astronauts could demonstrate the laws of gravity to students everywhere. Videos of the Official White House Easter Egg in space will be available on the White House’s social media platforms leading up to the event.

Furthermore, it has been reported that around 30,000 people will have taken part in this year’s Easter “EGGucation” Roll, including thousands of military and veteran families, caregivers, and survivors. Families of the U.S.S. Delaware and U.S.S. Gabrielle Giffords, the U.S. Naval vessels for which the First Lady is the sponsor, are among those who were invited to attend the special event.



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