Kerry performs highly amid companies investing in plant-based ranges

The Irish-founded Kerry taste and nutrition company has been ranked 5th on the FAIRR list of global food companies who are actively promoting and supporting plant-based foods and beverages.

Its series includes solutions devised for the snacks and confectionery sector, including items for cookies and nutrition bars among its diverse portfolio within the sector.

According to the latest FAIRR analysis, Tesco and Unilever were in the top two spots for the environmentally-focused investment organisation’s chart of star performers and rated as “pioneers,” while Kerry joined Nestlé (#3) and Marks & Spencer (#4) in the “proactive” section, confirming Kerry’s commitment to continue to expand its successful plant protein portfolio and deliver on customer demands for healthier, more nutritious and sustainable plant protein.

“At Kerry, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers through the delivery of more sustainable solutions. We are delighted to be recognised among the industry leaders in the FAIRR Initiative’s report on the global shift toward alternative sustainable proteins,” said Juan Aguiriano, Kerry Group Head of Sustainability.

“Consumers are expanding their consumption of plant protein, an area in which there has been constant and revolutionary innovation in recent years. To address this, Kerry recently made a significant expansion to our plant protein range for food and beverage companies. We now offer an extensive range of plant-based protein solutions, with superior taste and which are nutritionally optimised by the inclusion of the full complement of essential amino acids. The main challenges with plant protein can be the off-notes, gritty texture and mouthfeel in products.

“Our extensive R&D efforts have enabled us to fully understand these challenges and develop effective solutions to address them. A recent successful launch for Kerry is our ProDiem Refresh, a clear, vegan protein that is stable in low-pH beverages and which supports a clean product label (no stabilisers required). ProDiem Refresh, is a game-changing protein product that offers consumers a great-tasting, refreshing alternative to traditional protein shakes.”

Kerry’s recent expansion broadens the company’s already impressive range of proteins for food and beverage companies. Today’s consumers, who are more informed than ever, are accelerating the call for tastier plant-based choices in a range of popular items — nutritional bars, yogurts, and waters, juices and smoothies, etc. — and Kerry’s revolutionary ingredients are well-positioned to lead the explosion in new and tasty plant-based alternatives.

The listed also noted Mondelez and Hershey as being active within the field – the full results can be viewed here:


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