Baker Perkins to launch new equipment series at ProSweets

Equipment manufacturer Baker Perkins is set to introduce a new batch cooker to its range of small, flexible production systems for the functional gummy and confectionery markets at ProSweets 2020 in Cologne, Germany.

As the company explained, the new ‘JellyCook’ batch cooker feeds a ServoForm Mini depositor; the system brings the benefits of starch-free production of gummies and jellies to companies operating in healthcare and supplement markets. Products using gelatin, pectin, carrageenan or blends as the gelling agent can all be produced.

The semi-automatic ‘JellyCook’ cooker produces 30kg batches, with an output of up to 50kg/hour; a high output model with two cookers will produce 100kg/hour. A reservoir tank accepts syrup from the cooker and feeds the depositor. Simplicity is a decisive benefit with all operator actions prompted by messages on the HMI screen. The ‘JellyCook’ is oil heated and electricity is the only service needed.

An intelligent control system with an adaptive weighing system guides the operators through the process of making each batch. To ensure consistency between batches ingredient additions are recalculated in real time to match quantities added rather than set points. It also enables precisely the right amount of active ingredients, colours and flavours to be added at the end of the cook cycle.

Accurate dosing of high-value active ingredients is critical in a process which must be readily capable of validation to FDA/EMEA standards. Addition at the end of the cooking process after evaporation ensures stringent control.

Gummies and jellies and can be used to deliver a variety of functional ingredients including vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, Omega-3, probiotics and energy supplements for sectors including nutraceutical, sports nutrition and pharmaceuticals.

The hygienic and precise nature of Baker Perkins’ ServoForm Mini starch-free depositing process makes it ideal for the functional confectionery market where lower consumption levels compared with standard confectionery creates the demand for low-output production. The system is also ideal for pilot plants in larger companies.

  • Baker Perkins latest line will be launched at its  stand at ProSweets (Hall 10.1, Booth B040).

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