The Ipad of confectionery

21 July 2010 – I nodded in agreement to Ariel Leve’s comment on superfoods in one of this weekend’s newspapers. “The acai is the iPad of berries. You don’t actually need it but if you don’t have it you’re made to feel like you’re missing out. It may not be available in the local supermarket but you better believe it’s worth finding it.”

Functional confectionery, however much I write about the products and enjoy tasting them at trade shows, fall into the same category for me. I don’t actually need any health benefits from my sweets. I will happily eat non-functional confectionery, write about them, go on site visits to see how they are produced and talk to the people who make them. All that simply because I enjoy them in their own right, similar to most other people.

I still can’t help but feel intrigued by the product news. Fibre-fortified products from ADM and probiotic yogurt raisins from Ganeden Biotech were showcased at this week’s Institute of Food Technologist Expo in Chicago while Oxford Nutrascience and Ocean Nutrition Canada has developed omega-3 chews, Maramor has launched its dark and milk chocolate with probiotics while Brookside its dark chocolate acai with blueberry. But I don’t need to get my antioxidants from chocolate or probiotics from yogurt raisins and I have a funny feeling that most consumers don’t either.

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