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These are all the posts that have been tagged with UK.

Cake mix improvements

14 August 2012 – Following recent improvements to Craigmillar cake mixes during 2011 and early in 2012, CSM UK has completed its review and renovation of Craigmillar Scone Concentrate (FVH) and Doughnut Concentrate (FVB) that has delivered a tangible improvement in eating experience to meet the latest consumer preferences. Joining the other six cake mixes […]

Schubert UK celebrates 10 years

20 July 2012 – Schubert UK, a subsidiary of Gerhard Schubert will be celebrating 10 years of business in the UK this year. With a decade of continual growth and success in the packaging industry, the occasion is set to be marked by a number of events for both employees and customers. The Meriden based […]

Balance the challenge

The Confectionery Production team is preparing to attend Chocovision 2012 next week. The event takes place 5-7 June in Davos, Switzerland. This is the first in a series of international bi-annual conferences for senior business leaders around the world and key stakeholders in the cocoa, chocolate and retail industry. Confectionery Production is the only UK […]

A new anti-ageing wonder drug?

30 May 2012 – Scientists have revealed that eating modified chocolates can slow down the ageing process. The research was carried out by Lyotec, a UK biotechnology company, and involved Coco-Lycosome being added to chocolate. This ingredient increases the bioavailability of cocoa epicatechins by 10 to 20 times (subject to chocolate matrix). Epicatechins can help […]

Cacao flavanoids improve CVD risk

17 May 2012 – Cacao flavonoids and soy isoflavones can significantly improve CVD risk in postmenopausal women with type 2 diabetes. The one year, double blind controlled clinical study conducted by Peter Curtis et al, funded by a UK based Charity, Diabetes UK, and supported by Frutarom, Israel, and Barry Callebaut, was published in Diabetes […]

Lactose free milk chocolate

15 May 2012 – Barry Callebaut has launched a lactose free milk chocolate. Initially being launched in Europe, the chocolate differs from existing offerings by using a special skimmed milk powder with the lowest lactose content available on the market. With this particular powder, Barry Callebaut can allow higher amounts of milk powder in its […]

UK confectionery giant cuts costs

2 May 2012 – The largest UK confectionery manufacturer has saved 40% on production costs. UPM Conveyors supplied a system for transferring toffees from the wrapping line to the multi head weigher, which also reduced the toffee temperature from 80oc to 20oc prior to being bagged. UPM were required to offer a total system including […]

A fat tax isn’t the answer

I am unsure whether introducing a fat tax to high fat foods in the UK would reduce rates of obesity. However, Mike Rayner from the University of Oxford thinks otherwise. Rayner believes that introducing a tax on high fat foods such as confectionery and chocolate will help encourage people to eat healthier foods. This approach […]

Mars Chocolate hires former Innocent boss

24 April 2012 – Mars Chocolate UK has named former Innocent chief Thomas Delabriere as marketing director for its Bitesize portfolio. Delabriere will be responsible for marketing the Maltesers, M&Ms and Galaxy Bitesize brands in the UK and internationally.

Fat tax for UK

20 April 2012 – A leading education professional is pushing for a fat tax to be introduced to the UK. Several countries already impose taxes on unhealthy food. In September, Hungary became the first country to introduce a fat tax on fatty food, including chocolate bars, with Denmark closely following suit. Introducing a similar policy […]

Economical ice cream

27 March 2012 – The installation of wrapping equipment by a UK ice cream manufacturer has resulted in cost savings. When a new packaging line was being considered for the plant, a key requirement was that production of the main plant must be able to continue even if the operation of the packaging line was […]

Nestle goes the Eggstra mile

19 March 2012 – Nestlé UK & Ireland is the first major confectioner to make its entire Easter egg packaging 100% recyclable. With Easter eggs creating 3,000 tonnes of UK waste each year, Nestlé has replaced all rigid plastic packaging from all its eggs – the culmination of a six year process that has saved […]

All natural Nestle

2 March 2012 – Kit Kat, Rowntree’s and Aero manufacturer, Nestlé Confectionery UK has become the first major confectioner to remove artificial colours, flavours and preservatives from its entire confectionery range. Nestlé Crunch chocolate bar is the last of the 79 products to become ‘no arts’, marking the culmination of extensive research and product development […]

Packaging for premium sweets

28 February 2012 – Innovia Films’ compostable cellulose based material, NatureFlex, has been selected by Miss Muffet & Co, to wrap its range of fairytale and nursery rhyme inspired premium confectionery. Miss Muffet & Co is a UK based company, set up by Sarah Cadman, who has a philosophy of using natural ingredients wherever possible. […]