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These are all the posts that have been tagged with sweets.

South African confectionery

26 July 2011 – South Africa has one of the largest and most well established confectionery markets on the African continent, notes a recent report by Leatherhead Food Research. Unlike many of the region’s other countries, South Africa has a sizeable market for chocolate confectionery, since income levels and therefore consumer spending tend to be […]

Lower cost packaging

27th June 2011 – The health conscious can now indulge in their desire for high quality confectionery – but without the sugar – following the launch of a range of bagged sweets by The Friendly Sweet Company. The Friendly Sweet Company worked with Bradford based film specialists, National Flexible, to create the packaging for its […]

Reviving traditional confectionery

27 April – As the demand for healthier, lower fat and more natural products grows, confectioners have found that old fashioned confectionery classics still go down well with young and old shoppers alike. Responding to consumers’ re-kindled love for those familiar favourites, confectioners have focused much of their attention on placing modern twists on such […]

Keeping sweets fresh

1 April 2011 – Tangerine Confectionery has improved its traditional Taveners weigh out jars with a new, improved packaging feature, which promises to keep the brand’s Proper Sweets fresher than ever. The new foil lids, will enhance the quality of the ‘unwrapped’ confectionery in the range, including sweet shop favourites such as Sherbet Lemons, Kola […]

Sweet growth in India

1 April 2011 – During 2004 – 2009 the Indian confectionery market grew at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.5%, placing it among the faster growing confectionery markets globally. However, this growth shows no signs of slowing, in fact, a recent report from Datamonitor states that India’s $1.2 billion (€847.6 million) confectionery market […]

Starch cooling in confectionery line

22 February 2011 – °Celsius from The Netherlands has recently delivered a large screw heat exchanger to Astra Sweets in Turnhout, Belgium. They are making this screw heat exchanger operational to cool starch in the production of confectionery. At Astra Sweets, ingredients are combined, dissolved and boiled. Then colorings and flavorings are added to the […]

Boiled sweets manufacturer doubles output

24 January 2011 – Traditional boiled sweets manufacturer Joseph Dobson has more than doubled its output, while reducing its energy costs, following the installation of two new air compressors from Thorite. Joseph Dobson is located in Elland, West Yorkshire and was established in 1850. The originator of the famous “Yorkshire Mixtures” of boiled confectionery, the […]

UK launch of coffee sweets

5 January 2011 – The real coffee bean confectionery brand, Kopiko, is due to launch in the UK during January 2011. Named after the plant from which it is derived, Kopiko is available in two flavours – original coffee and cappuccino – both available in 120g bags with around 30 individually packaged pieces. Kopiko’s UK managing […]

Icy steering

The first cold spell of the year is taking hold in the UK and as always I’m very grateful for my 4×4 when manoeuvring out of the country roads in the woodlands where I live. The same careful yet determined steering is going on at Confectionery Production headquarters at the moment. As you may have […]

Sweets manufacturer looks to boost revenue

18 October 2010 – UK sweet manufacturer Tangerine, which produces sweets such as Butterkist popcorn, Dip dabs and Refreshers, has enlisted the help of investment bank NM Rothschild to give advice on how to create an injection of funds, with the possibility of a sale of the company. The company, which was formerly part of […]

Chinese talks over United Biscuits

29 September 2010 – Chinese food company Bright Food is reportedly in talks to buy Britain’s United Biscuits for than £2 billion (€2.3bn), according to the Sunday Times. United Biscuits saw good performance in 2009 with revenues of £1.26 billion (€1.46bn) but rumours of a possible sale of the business have been circulating since July. […]

Finland imposes tax hike on confectionery

24 September 2010 – The Finnish government has announced plans to introduce a tax on confectionery, ice cream and soft drinks. Originally intended to be set at almost €1 per kilogram of goodies, the tax has now been dropped to €0.75 per kilo. When a tax on sweets was last enforced during the markka era […]

Stockley’s moves to new factory

23 September 2010 – UK-based Stockley’s Sweets has expanded its manufacturing and packing facility after investing £200,000 into its new facility in Blackburn. The historic sweet manufacturer has now fully transferred its entire operations to the new premises, consolidating all of its manufacturing and packing processes to one site. The building has undergone an extensive programme of […]

Vegsoc Approved Awards shortlist

16 July 2010 – The nomination shortlists for the ‘Vegsoc Approved Awards’ have been published. Vanessa Brown, head of corporate relations at the Vegetarian Society, says, “The thousands of votes we received are an indication of the passion you feel for your favourite vegetarian products and services.”   The Awards celebrate the achievements and high […]