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These are all the posts that have been tagged with sustainability.

Strategic energy management

The UK food and beverage manufacturing sector is making tangible progress in managing its energy consumption, with 70 per cent reporting a beneficial impact on the bottom line as a result of their efforts, according to a new report. The Siemens Industry report entitled The Future of Energy: The UK Manufacturing Opportunity canvassed the views […]

Responsible sourcing

Paula Byrne, sustainability and CSR manager, Association of Chocolate, Biscuits and Confectionery Industries of Europe (Caobisco), describes what is being done to eliminate the worst forms of child labour during hazelnut harvesting in Turkey.

On track to meet target

Nestlé UK & Ireland has announced it is on target to achieve 100 per cent cocoa from sustainable sources by the end of 2015. By working with UTZ Certified and the Fairtrade Foundation, more than 60 per cent of cocoa purchased by Nestlé UK & Ireland already comes from certified farms working with the Nestlé […]

Ultrasonic bagmaker

Ishida Europe has announced that it has incorporated ultrasonic technology into its Atlas range of bagmakers. The new Atlas 203-USS has been designed to offer reductions in film and energy consumption to deliver cost savings and sustainability benefits. Ultrasonic technology uses sound pulses to agitate the molecules within the film. This causes the molecules to […]

Sweeteners based on fermentation

DSM, a life sciences and materials company, is developing a high intensity sweetener platform based on fermentation. DSM believes that steviol glycosides produced through fermentation could offer a sustainable, efficient and cost effective process to meet market growth. Hans Christian Ambjerg, president of DSM Food Specialties commented: “DSM’s innovation strategy is focused on helping the […]

Global business ethics conference

Magomet Malsagov, CEO of PureCircle, recently participated in a panel discussion on sustainable innovation at the Responsible Business Summit, a conference focused on global business ethics. “This is an integral facet of our mission to mainstream stevia as the next natural global sweetener,” explains Mr. Malsagov. “From the outset, we’ve woven sustainability into our business […]

Co-ordinating cocoa sustainability

The Hershey Company has announced it will be a founding member of CocoaAction, a strategy to co-ordinate cocoa sustainability efforts among the world’s largest cocoa and chocolate companies. The World Cocoa Foundation will act as the convener for the group, which seeks to build a rejuvenated and economically viable cocoa sector for at least 300,000 […]

Corporate Social Responsibility report

The Hershey Company has released its third Corporate Social Responsibility report, highlighting how the firm has delivered progress in its CSR goals. From environmental sustainability to ethical sourcing, the company achieved many of its CSR goals years early. As a result, the company has set several new environmental targets in its third report. The report […]

Lower carbon footprint

PureCircle, a producer of stevia products, has announced that it has cut the carbon footprint of its products by 15% since last year and is now a quarter of the way to achieving its 2020 carbon footprint intensity goal. PureCircle director of corporate sustainability, Ajay Chandran explains, “This is the third carbon footprint we’ve completed […]

Sustainable hazelnut farming

UTZ Certified is launching a three-year initiative in Turkey aimed at bringing sound sustainability standards to hazelnut farming. A pilot project will be implemented across three hazelnut producing regions in the country; Trabzon and Giresun in the Northeast, and Duzce in the Northwest; where about 175 farmers are expected to take part. UTZ members such […]

Emulsifier approved in Japan

Following the news that Cargill has gained approval for the use of sunflower lecithin in Japan, I spoke to Thorsten Bornholdt, EMEA product manager, fluid lecithin, about this development. This will have clear benefits for the import/export sector in the Japanese market, Bornholdt tells CP. Currently, the country accounts for only four per cent of […]

Sustainable cocoa production

Cargill has presented the first Cocoa Technology Transfer Centre in Ba Ria Vung Tau, Vietnam, to the Xa Bang Cocoa Co-op and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of the province. The centre, supported by Cargill, cost US $60,000 to build and will serve as a cocoa training campus for around 2,000 farmers in […]

89th ICCO session

The 89th session of the International Cocoa Council was held at the Radisson Blu Zurich Airport hotel in Zurich this year. Delegates were welcomed to Switzerland by the State Secretary, Her Excellency Marie-Gabrielle Ineischen-Fleisch, who reminded delegates of her country’s crucial role in the world’s chocolate sector, and also highlighted ongoing Swiss efforts in developing […]

Sustainability goals exceeded

The Hershey Company has exceeded three of its environmental sustainability goals set in 2012. By the end of 2013 the company had converted six of its manufacturing facilities to zero waste to landfill, surpassing its 2015 goal of five. In addition, the company has achieved a recycling rate of 86.6%, surpassing its goal of 85%, […]