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These are all the posts that have been tagged with sustainability.

Lower carbon footprint

PureCircle, a producer of stevia products, has announced that it has cut the carbon footprint of its products by 15% since last year and is now a quarter of the way to achieving its 2020 carbon footprint intensity goal. PureCircle director of corporate sustainability, Ajay Chandran explains, “This is the third carbon footprint we’ve completed […]

Sustainable hazelnut farming

UTZ Certified is launching a three-year initiative in Turkey aimed at bringing sound sustainability standards to hazelnut farming. A pilot project will be implemented across three hazelnut producing regions in the country; Trabzon and Giresun in the Northeast, and Duzce in the Northwest; where about 175 farmers are expected to take part. UTZ members such […]

Emulsifier approved in Japan

Following the news that Cargill has gained approval for the use of sunflower lecithin in Japan, I spoke to Thorsten Bornholdt, EMEA product manager, fluid lecithin, about this development. This will have clear benefits for the import/export sector in the Japanese market, Bornholdt tells CP. Currently, the country accounts for only four per cent of […]

Sustainable cocoa production

Cargill has presented the first Cocoa Technology Transfer Centre in Ba Ria Vung Tau, Vietnam, to the Xa Bang Cocoa Co-op and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of the province. The centre, supported by Cargill, cost US $60,000 to build and will serve as a cocoa training campus for around 2,000 farmers in […]

89th ICCO session

The 89th session of the International Cocoa Council was held at the Radisson Blu Zurich Airport hotel in Zurich this year. Delegates were welcomed to Switzerland by the State Secretary, Her Excellency Marie-Gabrielle Ineischen-Fleisch, who reminded delegates of her country’s crucial role in the world’s chocolate sector, and also highlighted ongoing Swiss efforts in developing […]

Sustainability goals exceeded

The Hershey Company has exceeded three of its environmental sustainability goals set in 2012. By the end of 2013 the company had converted six of its manufacturing facilities to zero waste to landfill, surpassing its 2015 goal of five. In addition, the company has achieved a recycling rate of 86.6%, surpassing its goal of 85%, […]

Sustainable palm oil milestone

In 2013 IOI Loders Croklaan, a supplier of sustainable palm oil, imported and marketed 348,000 tonnes of sustainable palm oil in Europe. That is 34% of the total volume sold by IOI Loders Croklaan in 2013. Ben Vreeburg, IOI Loders Croklaan sustainability director, says, “For 2013 our goal was to increase the volume of certified […]

The Calorie Footprint

PureCircle, a global producer of stevia ingredients, has announced its Calorie Footprint.  The Calorie Footprint is an estimate of the number of calories that can be reduced within the global diet by modifying the caloric content of a product by replacing some caloric sweetness with zero-calorie plant-based stevia sweeteners. The company claims that it has […]

February 2014

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Sustainable natural ingredients

Health BU Switzerland is making a strategic move in the global nutraceutical and functional food market to better address customers’ needs. The strategy is based on four critical foundations: innovation, natural ingredients, research and responsible sustainability. “We made significant investments in the last year to improve our plants in Switzerland and North Bergen, N.J., to […]

Women in cocoa farming

Oxfam has urged major chocolate manufacturers to look at the conditions faced by women in the cocoa farming community. Mars’ private consultation found that its Vision for Change cocoa initiative was reaching some women, but more needed to be done. One of the recommendations from the report was that the company hire female technicians at […]

Sustainable agriculture policy

PureCircle, producer and marketer of high-purity stevia products, has announced it is making rapid progress rolling out its Sustainable Agricultural Policy and Procedures across its farmer base. “We consider our partnership with stevia farmers as critical to our sustainable growth as a business,” explains Ajay Chandran, director of corporate sustainability. “So we’ve adopted agricultural policies […]

Focus on cocoa farming

Barry Callebaut – manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products – has announced its 2012/13 Sustainability Report, which details the company’s strategy in the areas of sustainable cocoa, environmental protection and employee development. The report focuses on the Barry Callebaut initiatives that improve the livelihoods of cocoa farmers, through sustainable cocoa practices. “With a growing […]

Strategy for sustainable vanilla

Building on its recent association with Soarary of Madagascar, Virginia Dare and its new partner have announced a new dual strategy to improve the sustainability of Madagascar’s vanilla market. A primary objective is to enable farmers to properly cure their own green, or raw, vanilla so that they can earn the much-needed extra revenue associated […]