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These are all the posts that have been tagged with sustainability.

ADM enters new markets

8 May 2012 – ADM Cocoa is expanding into the gourmet sector, with a line of cocoa products developed for artisan bakers and chefs. Launching into the Asian market, the deZaan Gourmet collection includes Belgian chocolates, a single origins range and responsibly sourced cocoa, and has been designed to meet growing consumer demand for high […]

ADM opens new advantage centre

1 May 2012 – ADM has opened a development centre for its customers in Koog aan de Zaan in the Netherlands – the home of its deZaan premium quality cocoa and chocolate. The centre offers customers pilot facilities, technical demonstrations, cocoa and chocolate seminars and more. As ADM’s new worldwide centre of excellence for cocoa […]

Drive towards sustainable cocoa

15 March 2012 – Barry Callebaut has launched a €33m cocoa sustainability initiative called Cocoa Horizons. The initiative aims to boost farm productivity, increase quality and improve family livelihoods in key cocoa producing countries in West and Central Africa and Indonesia over ten years. Barry Callebaut will focus first on large producer countries including Côte d’Ivoire, […]

Business is changing for good

1 March 2012 – Fairtrade sales continue to outperform overall commercial trends with double digit growth in 2011, and look set to grow further in 2012 as businesses continue to expand and deepen commitments to Fairtrade’s model of ethical sourcing. Estimated retail sales of Fairtrade products in 2011 reached £1.32bn, a 12% increase on sales […]

The sustainability craze

28 February 2012 – Sustainability is the topic of conversation this week, started off by Mars Chocolate North America opening a solar garden at a production facility in Nevada that will provide 100% electricity during peak opening hours. “At Mars Chocolate North America, we have the opportunity to make a difference in the world,” says […]

Three Hershey plants achieve zero waste to landfill

9 February 2012 – The Hershey Company has announced that three of its manufacturing facilities in Pennsylvania US have achieved ‘zero-waste-to-landfill’ (ZWL) status as a result of the company’s ongoing efforts to enhance sustainability through recycling and waste management. "We are proud of our role as stewards of the environment and of our progress in […]

Carton board is packaging of choice

26 January 2012 – Several trends in consumer packaging are currently favouring the use of board as packaging material for chocolates. The strongest and most obvious reason for this is the need to increase sustainability in the chocolate value chain. This improves the position of carton board with light weight barrier layers, while use of […]

Making the shea supply chain transparent

29 November 2011 – Global edible oils firm IOI Loders Croklaan has launched a campaign showing that their Shea nuts supply chain from West Africa is transparent and sustainable. As a first in the industry, IOI Loders Croklaan teamed up with the Rainforest Alliance and invited them for a study into their shea nuts supply […]

More flavour from Ghana cocoa

18 October 2011 – ADM is launching a new cocoa mass made from full body, roasted 100 percent Ghana cocoa beans. UGNM 1030 is the latest cocoa mass from ADM’s Unicao brand, designed for use in fine chocolate products to confer a rich chocolate taste. “We are delighted to introduce this new 100 per cent […]

Fast track stevia

29 September 2011 – PureCircle has announced a rapid expansion of its stevia supply in the US as S&W Seed Company nears completion and drying of stevia leaf in its first commercial level harvest. S&W plans to expand stevia plantings in California by the spring of 2012. PureCircle, the world’s leading producer of high purity […]

Low roast cocoa liquor

12 September 2011 – ADM Cocoa has launched a lightly roasted Unicao cocoa liquor to complement its pallet of 100 percent Côte d’Ivoire bean products. Completing ADM’s existing range of medium and full roast Unicao cocoa liquors, the premium flavour of the UINM 3050 low roast liquor can be used to create unique signature products […]

Revitalising Cote D’Ivoire cocoa sector

30 August 2011 – Archer Daniels Midland Company continues to actively support cocoa growing communities as ADM Cocoa, is helping revitalise the country’s cocoa sector following months of civil turmoil and an EU ban on one of the nation’s most lucrative exports. As ADM Cocoa operations resume in Côte d’Ivoire, the company is meeting with […]

Zero waste for Kit Kats

21 July 2011 – Nestlé UK has announced that one of the World’s largest confectionery plants has achieved zero waste. The Nestlé York site makes over a billion Kit Kats and 183 million Aero’s each year and achieved zero waste to landfill status nearly four years ahead of the company’s 2015 target. The move to […]

New Mars chocolate site

4 July 2011 – Mars Chocolate North America has announced plans to build a new state of the art manufacturing facility in Topeka, US. The plan to build a new site reflects Mars Chocolate North America’s commitment to invest in US manufacturing in order to meet the growing demand for its iconic confectionery products, including […]