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These are all the posts that have been tagged with stevia.

Making waves

Daisy Phillipson takes a look at innovations in extrusion and forming machinery and how they can help confectionery and bakery manufacturers ensure a foothold in the health market.

The rise of coconut sugar

The rise in the number of coconut-based products available may not be new, but coconut sugar is set to become this year’s trendy natural sweetener in Germany.

Smart confectionery

Carrying on with the sugar/sweetener theme from last week, a Canadian company has launched what it claims to be the first smart candy which contains just 2g of sugar per bag.

ADM partners with GLG Life Tech

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) and GLG Life Tech Corporation have entered into a partnership to manufacture, market, sell and distribute low calorie stevia and monk fruit sweeteners to meet increasing demand for reduced sugar and clean label ingredients.

New Product Round Up

Here is your weekly round-up of sweets and snacks news from our sister site, Sweets and Snacks World. If you have any new product launches you would like to be featured on the site, please contact susannahm@bellpublishing.com.

The future of cocoa

MycoTechnology, a food technology startup, has developed two new innovations that could shape the future of cocoa. Earlier this year it developed a method for reducing sugar requirements in cocoa by up to 70 per cent using its mushroom technology to consume the bitterness. It now claims to have solved the bitter, metallic, aftertaste problem […]

Demand for natural sweeteners

The concerns about obesity and related health problems plus sugar taxes in many countries have stimulated the market for non-caloric sweeteners, according to a new Canadean report. Natural plant-derived sweeteners, such as stevia, are therefore becoming increasingly popular. As a result of an increased focus on sugar calories, the consumer demand for non-caloric sweeteners is projected […]

Sweeteners based on fermentation

DSM, a life sciences and materials company, is developing a high intensity sweetener platform based on fermentation. DSM believes that steviol glycosides produced through fermentation could offer a sustainable, efficient and cost effective process to meet market growth. Hans Christian Ambjerg, president of DSM Food Specialties commented: “DSM’s innovation strategy is focused on helping the […]

Global business ethics conference

Magomet Malsagov, CEO of PureCircle, recently participated in a panel discussion on sustainable innovation at the Responsible Business Summit, a conference focused on global business ethics. “This is an integral facet of our mission to mainstream stevia as the next natural global sweetener,” explains Mr. Malsagov. “From the outset, we’ve woven sustainability into our business […]