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These are all the posts that have been tagged with ingredients.

Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate invests in new coatings and fillings plant

Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate has opened a new plant dedicated to production of chocolate coatings and fillings in Deventer in the Netherlands. The new plant, built on the site of the company’s previous coatings factory, is the result of a ” ‚¬16 million investment. The new facility doubles Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate’s coatings capacity at […]

Four indulgence products in one carton

Sweet as you like’ is a new dessert concept from Danisco that allows the consumer to choose from four different desserts ” all from the same carton. Based on the desired outcome, the desserts can take on a variety of forms ” sauce, panna cotta, whipped topping or ice cream. The texture opportunities include liquid, […]

Strong sales for speciality fat supplier

AarhusKarlshamn (AAK), the supplier of speciality fats and oils for the confectionery industry, ended 2008 with net sales up 28%. “Increased volumes and margins for chocolate and confectionery fats and food ingredients, and positive developments in the most recent acquisitions within our Food Ingredients segment are the main contributors to this improvement,” says Group CEO […]

Givaudan posts 19% profits

Swiss flavours and fragrance maker Givaudan has seen net profits rise 19% to 111 million Swiss francs. The company makes ingredients for confectionery and soft drinks as well as soaps and perfumes. In a statement, the company notes that it is confident of growing faster than the underlying market in 2009 and proposed a dividend […]

Bell’s ‘Top 10 Flavours for 2009’ published

Global company Bell Flavors & Fragrances, which supply ingredients for the food, beverage, soap and cosmetics industries, has published its ‘Top 10 Flavours for 2009’. 

 The list of sweet flavours covers the confectionery, bakery and dairy sectors. The company also publishes top ten lists of savoury and beverage flavours. The methods used to compile […]

FDA investigates peanut butter Salmonalla outbreak

Peanut butter and peanut paste have been recalled as the US FDA investigates the Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) concerning a recent Salmonella outbreak thought to be caused by tainted peanut butter. The FDA is asking companies who use peanut butter or peanut paste from PCA in their products to provide the agency with the […]

Restructure at Real Good Food

The UK company Real Good Food Company is consolidating two of its businesses, the bakery ingredients division Renshaw and sugar division Napier Brown Foods. The new division, to be called renshawnapier, will be based in Liverpool, UK. Stephen Heslop, chief executive of Real Good Food, says, “Our new and flatter management structure, with head office […]

New fat replacer for baked goods

UK-based clean label ingredients specialist Ulrick & Short has developed a new fat replacer as a cost effective alternative to vegetable oil or margarine. Synergie L526, a clean label tapioca-based starch, was developed for use in baked goods and can replace up to 25% of fat in muffins, sponges and cakes. It comes in powder […]

Ingredients news: Natural melanges come to the UK

BakeMark UK has launched the UK’s first melanges as part of its new Optinature range of all-natural products. Produced under the BakeMark UK Craigmillar umbrella, the melanges are a whole new concept in bakery fats for the UK market. Melange is the French word for mixture; the products, popular in other parts of Europe, are […]

Ingredients news: Stabilisers put the icing on the cake

Cargill is introducing two new stabiliser ranges that enable baked goods manufacturers to produce bakery icings that work with various processing requirements. These new texturising solutions will give manufacturers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa flexibility in producing colourful, visually appealing, great-tasting bakery icings. Satialgine OGI cold soluble alginate was developed for direct-use icings, […]

Melamine found in confectionery around the globe

Multinational confectionery giants have defended the integrity of their products in the wake of the melamine in Chinese milk powder scandal. However, Cadbury has been forced to withdraw products produced in its Beijing plant, and Mars has been shocked by an Indonesian authority announcement that M&Ms and Snickers made in China contain melamine. Cadbury voluntarily […]

Hershey announces price hike

Hershey has announced an increase in wholesale prices across its US, Puerto Rico and export chocolate and sugar confectionery lines. A weighted average 11 per cent increase on the company’s instant consumable, multi-pack and packaged candy lines will help offset some of the significant increases in the company’s input costs, including raw materials, packaging materials, […]

Fruit Up natural sweetener for fruit jellies

Fruit Up is a natural fruit sweetener from WILD with an appealing sweetness profile and proven nutritional value, for the use in the manufacture of fruit jellies. With Fruit Up, WILD continues its focus in the field of natural products, providing genuine value-added ingredients for the confectionery industry. The innovative fruit jelly concept, based on […]