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These are all the posts that have been tagged with healthy.

Fat tax for UK

20 April 2012 – A leading education professional is pushing for a fat tax to be introduced to the UK. Several countries already impose taxes on unhealthy food. In September, Hungary became the first country to introduce a fat tax on fatty food, including chocolate bars, with Denmark closely following suit. Introducing a similar policy […]

Stress relief

29 March 2012 – Eating a moderate amount of dark chocolate every day can help reduce your stress levels. The study by Nestlé monitored 30 healthy adults for two weeks. Every day each participant was given 40g of dark chocolate (made of up to 75% cocoa solids). They consumed half the chocolate in the morning […]

A flavour solution

22 February 2012 – Givaudan is addressing the mouthfeel challenges that food manufacturers of sweet and dairy products face in low calorie products with its TasteSolutions Mouthfeel programme. The signature programme includes a unique sensory language, Sense It Mouthfeel, and advanced technologies to optimise the taste profile of reduced-calorie sweet and dairy products and provide […]

Chocolate impacts positively on brain performance

16 February 2012 – Chocolate can be good for the brain – at least if you eat the right kind. Chocolate – in particular the dark variety– is already well known for its positive effects when consumed in small quantities. Scientists have now found new evidence for another effect: Chocolate or cocoa powder containing higher […]

Cocoa at tipping point

7 February 2012 – Cocoa – the antioxidant rich raw ingredient used to make chocolate – is poised to become a major force in the market for functional and healthier food products, according to Julian Mellentin, director of consultancy New Nutrition Business. Pointing to an Article 13.5 health claims application recently lodged by chocolate producer […]

Stagnant sales for European confectionery

6 December 2011 – Latest research from Mintel on the sugar and gum confectionery market in Europe reveals that in the big five European countries, sales of sugar and gum confectionery have remained stagnant over the past four years (2008–2011), from €8.6 billion in 2008 to an estimated €8.9bn in 2011. Sales particularly declined in […]

Sweetening chocolate

29 November 2011 – Recently, consumers are more and more consciously looking for products free from certain ingredients such as additives, preservatives or refined sugars. They are constantly balancing their desire for something natural and healthy with something tasty. Barry Callebaut now offers an alternative: Sweet by Fruits. This chocolate is sweetened by all natural […]

Fat substitute for baked goods

2 November 2011 – Stratum Nutrition has introduced ApuraGreen, a whole fruit kiwi pectin paste ingredient that allows for extended shelf life in baked goods with a clean label, such as cookies and muffins. The natural composition provides the functional humectancy, which allows for softer, fresher products with an extended shelf life, sugar and fat […]

Novel applications for peanut flour

5 October 2011 – Peanut flour – a source of high quality plant protein, dietary fibre and essential minerals – is gaining increasing acceptance among food manufacturers around the world. Not only used in mainstream products such as confectionery products and baked goods, it is now finding new uses in innovative applications such as powdered […]

UK growth for Blue Diamond Almonds

3 October 2011 – Blue Diamond Almonds is keen to expand its presence in the UK market with its own brand consumer products and ingredients for food manufacturers. The California based company is launching a major marketing campaign throughout Europe, but is particularly focused on raising the profile of its snacks and ingredients in retail, […]

Bigger spend on Tooth friendly chocolate

12 September 2011 – Research conducted by Beneo confirms that consumers are hankering after a healthier alternative to sugar coated chocolate sweets and are willing to pay a 10% higher price for toothfriendly variations if they came to market. With its expertise in developing new confectionery concepts and the non-cariogenic properties of its functional ingredient, […]

Bright future for peanuts

8 September 2011 – The American Peanut Council forecasts a bright future for high protein peanut flour in line with increased demand for quality plant protein. Recent reports have predicted a boom in the high quality protein market as consumers begin to recognise protein’s weight management potential. Once only the domain of the sporting elite, […]

Cocoa flavanols improve eye and brain function

10 May 2011 – Cosumption of cocoa flavanols may improve aspects of eye and brain function, says a study released by the University of Reading. The study showed that performance on vision tests in healthy young adults and some aspects of cognitive performance can be improved by the acute intake of cocoa flavanols. Improvements in […]

Think orange

28 April 2011 – LycoRed, Israel, has announced its latest formulation for natural beta-carotene colour, Lyc-O-Beta 1% CWS. Lyc-O-Beta is a natural beta-carotene colour in powder form, designed to instantly dissolve when mixed with cold water. It is suitable for use in a variety of applications such as beverages, dairy, bakery and confectionery. Lyc-o-Beta’s formulation […]