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These are all the posts that have been tagged with healthy.

Puratos combines products for healthy snacking

17 August 2010 – Puratos has developed a healthy snacking concept, based around its existing Oxanti chocolate product and combinations with the company’s other ingredients. The Oxanti healthy snacking range includes a cereal bar, which has 45% more protein compared to other leading cereal bars, a wholegrain cake that has 40% less saturated fat than […]

Research into healthy chewing gum

11 August 2010 – According to Iranian researchers, chewing gum with Salvadora Persica extract may have significant health benefits. The research, conducted at the Babol Dental School in Tehran, Iran, shows that Persica extracts have antibacterial activity against cariogenic and periodontopathic bacteria and can develop periodontal health. It also attempted to evaluate the effect of chewing […]

NCA comments on labelling

5 July 2010 – The National Confectioners Association (NCA) has commented on Front-of-Pack labelling and Shelf Tag Nutrition Symbols. Alison Bodor, senior vice president of Public Policy, says, “NCA supports the important goal of reducing the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States and recognizes that FDA believes FOP labeling could bring about positive changes […]

Divine Chocolate MD Sophi Tranchell appointed to the London Food Board

20 June – Sophi Tranchell MBE, managing director of Divine Chocolate, the farmer- owned Fairtrade chocolate company, is one of the food experts chosen to join the London Food Board. The Board has just announced a new line-up of food experts who will work to inform the development of programmes to improve Londoners’ access to […]

The nature of new products

Considering the list of new products that were launched at Sweet and Snacks Expo in Chicago, alongside the NCA’s summary of trends that they are seeing in 2010, there seemed to be the common mix of ‘trying to make a new trend out of existing products’ and genuine interesting developments. Some aspects of the NCA […]

Cadbury in pre-Olympic sports drive

By Jess Laury Cadbury is planning a multimillion-pound push called `Spots V Stripes’ which includes the public participating in a series of games in the run up to the Olympic games 2012. Phil Rumbol, the Cadburys marketing director, will aim to “embrace the ethos of the Olympics in all of us” and to promote its […]

Avebe targets low fat bakery margarines

Consumers of baked goods are becoming more aware of the negative aspects of fat and SAFA. Labelling of fat and SAFA content of fat is now obligatory. In some countries a ‘fat tax’ is being discussed in politics. As a result, retailers and bakeries are looking for solutions to provide healthier baked goods. Etenia is […]

Innovations at Europain

The Europain and Intersuc trade shows are set to start next week. Here are some of the new innovations you can expect to see in Paris. VMI has brought out a new fork mixer to prepare small quantities of dough for traditional bakers. The Axoplus 95 offers advances in terms of ease of use and […]

New UTZ certification for cocoa producers

Producers in the Ivory Coast are participating in the first independent audits in preparation for the UTZ Certified code of conduct ” a programme that sets international standards for responsible cocoa production and sourcing. The UTZ Certified Good Inside Code of Conduct for Cocoa establishes economic, environmental and social standards are now being independently audited […]

AHD launches chia seed flour

Producers of finished baked goods looking for a gluten-free, omega-3-rich alternative to white flour can now look to AHD International’s Chia Flour, the latest offering from the distributor of nutraceutical and functional food ingredients. Chia Flour can be used in place of white flour in any baked goods including a variety of breads and baked […]

Breast milk ice cream… the next big thing?

Could human breast milk provide a healthy basis for ice cream in the future? Animal rights campaigner PETA certainly thinks so. In a letter to Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc, the group urges them to replace cow’s milk in their products with human breast milk. PETA’s request comes […]

“Rebalanced chocolate” responds to healthy choices

Barry Callebaut has developed a range of chocolate products that offer an improved, rebalanced nutritional profile. “Rebalanced chocolate” contains more dietary fibers, less sugar, less fat or is even sugar-free. With consumers are becoming increasingly more health-conscious, the range has been well received. “Since we started the rebalanced chocolate programme eight months ago, we already […]