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These are all the posts that have been tagged with flavours.

The next generation of superior tasting chocolate

12 April 2011 – Along that thin imaginary line that spans the globe we call the Equator, a silent revolution is taking place. For it is here that the world famous chocolate makers, Barry Callebaut recently sowed the seeds of what promises to be a whole new concept in the world of chocolate. A fine, […]

Integrated flavour solutions

18 March 2011 – It is important for confectionery manufacturers to respond to latest flavour trends whilst still maintaining product quality. However, providing consumers with the delicious on-snack taste they crave can be a challenge during processing. The intelli-flav on-machine seasoning (OMS) system from tna addresses this key manufacturing issue. The machine maximises flavour dispersion […]

Frosting for royal cupcakes

1 March 2011 – Macphie has launched a limited edition Violet Rainbow Frosting to commemorate the forthcoming wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton on the 29th April. This new addition to the Macphie Rainbow Frostings range will help bakers to capitalise on the big day and create sumptuous cupcakes with a royal twist. The […]

A new cocoa experience

9 February 2011 – As an addition to its core single origin chocolate range, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate has introduced the innovative Origin² (origin squared) chocolate range. This chocolate offers an intense sensory experience that combines the characteristic resources of the island countries of Madagascar and Papua New Guinea: cocoa and vanilla. As a result, […]

Tasty treats at ISM

I’m writing this comment on the last day of ISM and I am thoroughly exhausted. I completely underestimated the sheer size of the show and now totally understand why it is a must-attend event for all those involved in the confectionery industry. It was good to meet so many of you, to hear about your […]

UK launch of coffee sweets

5 January 2011 – The real coffee bean confectionery brand, Kopiko, is due to launch in the UK during January 2011. Named after the plant from which it is derived, Kopiko is available in two flavours – original coffee and cappuccino – both available in 120g bags with around 30 individually packaged pieces. Kopiko’s UK managing […]

Panda raises the healthier snack bar

4 August 2010 – Panda, the all-natural liquorice brand, now offers individually wrapped 100-calorie snack bars in three flavours – original black, cherry and raspberry. They are fat-free and contain no added colours, salt, artificial flavours or preservatives and are also vegan, kosher and halal-diet friendly. “Portion-controlled snacks are a big trend right now, but […]

Additions to the Baker Perkins depositor range

19 July 2010 – Two new depositors that offer new end-product opportunities and increased capacity have been added to the Baker Perkins ServoForm range for the production of hard candy and lollipops.   The new ServoForm Gemini Plus is a triple-headed depositor for ‘long term’ three-layered products with a ‘sandwich’ appearance. It is a development […]

The nature of new products

Considering the list of new products that were launched at Sweet and Snacks Expo in Chicago, alongside the NCA’s summary of trends that they are seeing in 2010, there seemed to be the common mix of ‘trying to make a new trend out of existing products’ and genuine interesting developments. Some aspects of the NCA […]

New product trends at Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago

26 May 2010 – As Sweets & Snacks Expo continues in Chicago, the National Confectioners Association (NCA) predicts the leading new products trends: Chocolate-Covered Everything – Manufacturers look for more and more treats to cover with chocolate. While local gourmands may seek out chocolate-covered bacon and mushrooms at their hometown confectioners, mainstream America will look […]

New packs for Nutz

Zeina Foods, the European supplier of nuts, seeds and dried fruit, has launched 60g and 75g pack size for its Nutz brand in each of the Simply, Heavenly, Mighty and Vitality ranges. In addition to the launch of the consumer friendly 75g bags, the innovative flavouring specialist has extended the range’s appeal with a new […]

New possibilities for marshmallows

The new Rousselot gelatine-based platform called G.U.B.E. allows for the creation of savoury marshmallows or non-sweet gummies featuring unusual flavours. The development of the platform required several months of research as the texture and stability targeted could not be achieved with the simple use of gelatine. The addition of pectin allowed to quicken the jellification […]

New look for Tangerine’s Lion gum

Lion, the original hard eating gum brand from Tangerine Confectionery, is re-launching with a new design and natural colours and flavours. The range, which includes Sports Mixture, Midget Gems, Fruit Pastilles and Fruit Salad, features the signature lion’s head more prominently, alongside the ‘Made with all natural colours and flavours’ mark. Sarah Brown, Lion brand […]

Chocolat Frey reports turnover drop

Swiss confectionery company Chocolat Frey has reported an annual turnover drop of 3.4% at 368 million Swiss Francs (€251m) mainly due to foreign currency losses in international sales. This is despite retaining a turnover of 265 million Swiss Francs (€180m) in the Swiss market. The company has also re-launched its ‘Bugg’ chewing gum brand in […]