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These are all the posts that have been tagged with Dairy.

Bright natural red range

Sensient Food Colors Europe has introduced the bright Natural Red Range to enable food manufacturers to create vibrant red shades without having to use carmine. This is especially beneficial for manufacturers of ice cream, water ice and other frozen desserts. Effective August 2014, new EU aluminium regulation limiting the conditions and levels of use for […]

Sweetener approved in Europe

The European Commission has approved Ajinomoto’s low calorie sweetener, Advantame. In the words of the Commission Regulation, Advantame “will provide manufacturers with greater flexibility in formulating energy- reduced foods with a similar taste profile as the full-caloric equivalent.” A spokesperson for Ajinomoto says, “We welcome the approval of Advantame by the European Commission. Advantame blends […]

Grape seed extract

Indena’s grape seed extract, Enovita, has obtained self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe) status for use as a good ingredient in a range of food categories. The extract can be used in beverages and beverage bases, breakfast cereals, fats and oils, frozen dairy desserts and mixes, grain products and pastas, milk – whole and skim […]

Natural brown colourings

Sensient Food Colours Europe has launched a range of colours to be used as a natural alternative to traditional caramel colours. The natural brown colourings include plant-based products that are available as colouring foodstuffs complying with the new EU guidance notes on colouring food. “One of the biggest challenges has been to produce rich natural […]

UK confectionery market is growing

According to Confectionery 2014, a market update from market intelligence provider Key Note, the UK confectionery market grew by 4.1% in 2013. This is an encouraging outlook considering the threats, demands and constraints of inflation, innovation and imitation currently affecting the UK marketplace. Despite the onset of a gradual economic recovery, high prices, particularly in […]

Low fat bakery ingredient

A new baking replacement ingredient called Trimbake, which reduces baked recipes by up to 75% of the original fat content and 50% of the usual sugar content, is being launched in the UK. Trimbake is made up of a blend of apples, prunes, water, squash, carrots and lentils. Each packet of Trimbake can be used […]

April 2014

Product focus: Aerated confectionery Equipment: Aeration Ingredients: Dairy ingredients, emulsifiers Show preview: Interpack

Going organic

Rafal Taciak, commercial director for cocoa and Christina Franken, marketing communication, Tradin Organic, discuss the challenges of meeting a growing demand for organic cocoa.

Benefits of gelatin and collagen peptides

Rousselot, a gelatin and collagen peptides producer, will be showcasing its portfolio of functional food ingredients at this years’ Food Ingredients China (FIC) in Shanghai, 25-27 March 2014. The company will showcase its line of gelatine-based solutions in addition to the latest research in support of its innovative Peptan collagen peptides range. Both ranges will […]

Packing specialist targets growth

Contract packaging specialist, SGL Co-packing, has made a strategic decision to grow its contract packing/manufacturing activities in the UK. Until now focused exclusively on the cereals, petcare, confectionery and other foods sectors, the company will now also cover pharmaceuticals, gifts and toys, and all dry food categories. In a bid to support this move, the company […]

Cocoa and chocolate trends

Cargill’s cocoa and chocolate business examined a rise in hybrid products and unconventional flavour combinations in a recent seminar it presented called ‘T for Trends.’ The seminar, which was co-presented by Rens de Haan, marketing and communications director of Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate, and Lu Ann Williams, head of research at Innova Market Insights, was […]

Natural sweeteners research

Research by Sensus into the sensory characteristics of stevia in combination with Fructalose oligofructose syrup has found that it is possible to reduce the sucrose level without compromising on taste.  Oligofructose is a natural replacement for sugar and fat sourced from chicory roots. The research found that it is possible to mask the after-taste of […]

Extended colourings range

Sensient Food Colours Europe is extending its Cardea range to include a wider choice of colours and shades. The product line is completely composed of natural ingredients and concentrates. The Cardea product line uses carefully selected raw materials processes with proprietary technologies, and offers a number of bright shades. “Through screening a wide choice of […]

Belgium facility to double capacity

Cargill’s cocoa and chocolate business has broken ground on a US $48m (€35m) investment to double the capacity of its Belgian chocolate production facility in Mouscron over the next two years. The additional capacity will meet growing demand for chocolate in confectionery, bakery, dairy and artisanal applications from European customers. Cargill’s cocoa and chocolate business […]