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These are all the posts that have been tagged with asia.

Lactose free milk chocolate

15 May 2012 – Barry Callebaut has launched a lactose free milk chocolate. Initially being launched in Europe, the chocolate differs from existing offerings by using a special skimmed milk powder with the lowest lactose content available on the market. With this particular powder, Barry Callebaut can allow higher amounts of milk powder in its […]

World bank invests in cocoa trader

15 May 2012 – IFC, a member of the World Bank Group are investing $55 million in Armajaro Trading, a soft-commodity supplier, to support the ethical sourcing of cocoa. The project will help develop sustainable farming practices and improve traceability within its supply chains. Increasing traceability of commodities and promoting sustainable farming are integral to […]

Nestle Malaysia celebrates centenary

11 May 2012 – Nestlé Malaysia, producer of the company’s biggest range of halal products, is celebrating its centenary. Consumers worldwide have been able to buy halal versions of the Nestlé’s well known brands such as Kit Kat since the 1980s. Today Nestlé Malaysia produces about 300 halal products in its food and beverage range […]

ADM enters new markets

8 May 2012 – ADM Cocoa is expanding into the gourmet sector, with a line of cocoa products developed for artisan bakers and chefs. Launching into the Asian market, the deZaan Gourmet collection includes Belgian chocolates, a single origins range and responsibly sourced cocoa, and has been designed to meet growing consumer demand for high […]

The Asian way to go

3 May 2012 – Confectioner’s all seem to be heading to Asia to take advantage of the booming confectionery market, especially when industry seems to be stagnant in the EU. This past month has seen Nestlé release it’s first quarter results. The company celebrated 7.2% growth, much of which was attributed to growth in Latin […]

Rocky Mountain plans aggressive Asian expansion

2 May 2012 – Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory plans to open 100 stores across Japan. The company has signed a master licensing agreement with RMCF Asia. Under the terms of the agreement, RMCF Asia will pay a master license fee for the right to open Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory stores for its own account and […]

Nestle reports 7.2% growth

20 April 2012 – In the first three months of 2012, sales increased by 5.6% to CHF 21.4 billion (€17.8bn). Organic growth was 7.2%, composed of 2.8% real internal growth and pricing of 4.4%. Acquisitions net of divestitures, added 3% to sales, whilst foreign exchange had a negative impact of 4.6%. Paul Bulcke, Nestlé CEO […]

A looming chocolate crisis

18 April 2012 – A chocolate supply crisis may be looming says Professor David Guest, from the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment at the University of Sydney. "We’re in a situation where chocolate manufacturers are anxious about meeting demand, as there’s rapidly increasing chocolate consumption in developing economies, paired with instability in cacao growing areas," […]

Cocoa development for Vietnam

28 March 2012 – A cocoa Project Management Unit (PMU) has been established in Vietnam to strengthen the growth of sustainable cocoa development. Immediate priorities for the unit include enhancing cocoa research, improving farming practices to increase yields; improving market access and advocating independent certification. The PMU was created by Cargill and the cocoa Public-Private […]

Drive towards sustainable cocoa

15 March 2012 – Barry Callebaut has launched a €33m cocoa sustainability initiative called Cocoa Horizons. The initiative aims to boost farm productivity, increase quality and improve family livelihoods in key cocoa producing countries in West and Central Africa and Indonesia over ten years. Barry Callebaut will focus first on large producer countries including Côte d’Ivoire, […]

World’s first 100% soft melting real chocolate for ice cream

27 January 2012 – Barry Callebaut has launched an exciting new generation of soft melting ice cream chocolate bites called ChocMelts inclusions. Unlike standard compound based drops, the ChocMelts inclusions are the first ever to be made from 100% chocolate, offering the unmistakably intense flavour and texture of genuine chocolate. Because they melt together with […]

Intense red cocoa

12 January 2012 – ADM Cocoa is introducing a new, intense red cocoa powder to manufacturers in the Middle East as it looks to expand its presence in the region. The latest addition to ADM Cocoa’s deZaan offering, the new cocoa powder – 400DP11 – can be used to add a dark reddish colour to […]

Stagnant sales for European confectionery

6 December 2011 – Latest research from Mintel on the sugar and gum confectionery market in Europe reveals that in the big five European countries, sales of sugar and gum confectionery have remained stagnant over the past four years (2008–2011), from €8.6 billion in 2008 to an estimated €8.9bn in 2011. Sales particularly declined in […]

New Chinese factory

21November 2011 – Tna has recently unveiled its newest manufacturing plant in Qingdao, China. The plant, one of a series of new developments around the world, demonstrates tna’s commitment to both the China and Asian markets by providing local turnkey manufacturing solutions to its customers. Second largest after the US, China had a gross industrial […]