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These are all the posts that have been tagged with america.

Vanilla flavours

The Govanil range of vanilla flavours from Rhodia Aroma Performance is suitable for the bakery and confectionery products such as biscuits, pastries, cookies, cakes, fillings and chocolates. Combining a rare intensity – up to 20 percent higher when compared with standard vanilla flavours – and a note that provides a unique long-lasting effect on the […]

Raise the bar, Hershey

23 August 2012 – A new initiative by the International Labor Rights Forum asks that Hershey fully commits to ethically sourced cocoa produced under fair labour standards. The initiative is supported by 41 consumer owned grocer cooperatives and natural food retailers operating 62 stores, who are concerned about carrying the Hershey brands, Dagoba and Scharffenberger, […]

Malic acid powder receives GRAS status

21 August 2012 – Malic acid powder from Purac, has been granted GRAS status and can now be used in confectionery and jellies in the US. Purac Powder MA is a malic acid coated in sodium hydrogen malate which remains stable even in products with an extended shelf life and delivers an instant but long […]

Cake mix improvements

14 August 2012 – Following recent improvements to Craigmillar cake mixes during 2011 and early in 2012, CSM UK has completed its review and renovation of Craigmillar Scone Concentrate (FVH) and Doughnut Concentrate (FVB) that has delivered a tangible improvement in eating experience to meet the latest consumer preferences. Joining the other six cake mixes […]

PureCircle reaches stevia leaf milestone

PureCircle has reached a major milestone in the global expansion of its supply chain reach. Several recent commercial scale shipments of stevia leaf have marked successful stevia cultivation and sourcing operations for PureCircle in Paraguay, Kenya and the US. PureCircle’s continuous investment and commitment to these regions over the past several years strategically diversifies their […]

Creating the perfect chocolate bubble

6 July 2012 – Nestlé is using zero gravity research to develop its understanding of the foam technology used in its products. The study could help Nestlé scientists create better air bubbles in chocolate. Scientists at the Nestlé research centre in Switzerland are working with the European Space Agency (ESA) on foam experiments designed to […]

Baker Perkins opens South American office

29 June 2012 – Baker Perkins is improving the service it offers to the food industry in South America by opening its own office in the region. Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, it will support new and existing customers across South America in the confectionery, snack and cereal sectors. Heiko Willerts (pictured) has been appointed to […]

NovaGreen produces healthy sugar substitute

23 May 2012 – Canada based refinery NovaGreen plans to produce sugar substitute xylitol over the next two years to supply confectioners in North America A naturally occurring sugar substitute, xylitol is roughly as sweet as sucrose with only two-thirds of the calories. Because it cannot be utilised by bacteria to form cavities, this healthy […]

Keeping dessert toppings in shape

22 May 2012 – Everyone with a sweet tooth loves sprinkles, the brightly coloured confectionary toppings that enhance the taste and eye appeal of desserts. Producing them is an exacting task due in part to maintaining a diameter of 2 mm, and lengths up to 10 mm. American Sprinkle Co. of Pine Brook, New Jersey, […]

The Asian way to go

3 May 2012 – Confectioner’s all seem to be heading to Asia to take advantage of the booming confectionery market, especially when industry seems to be stagnant in the EU. This past month has seen Nestlé release it’s first quarter results. The company celebrated 7.2% growth, much of which was attributed to growth in Latin […]

Nestle reports 7.2% growth

20 April 2012 – In the first three months of 2012, sales increased by 5.6% to CHF 21.4 billion (€17.8bn). Organic growth was 7.2%, composed of 2.8% real internal growth and pricing of 4.4%. Acquisitions net of divestitures, added 3% to sales, whilst foreign exchange had a negative impact of 4.6%. Paul Bulcke, Nestlé CEO […]

A looming chocolate crisis

18 April 2012 – A chocolate supply crisis may be looming says Professor David Guest, from the Faculty of Agriculture and Environment at the University of Sydney. "We’re in a situation where chocolate manufacturers are anxious about meeting demand, as there’s rapidly increasing chocolate consumption in developing economies, paired with instability in cacao growing areas," […]

Tate & Lyle opens Brazilian technical service facility

10 April 2012 – Tate & Lyle has opened an application and technical service facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The facility is part of Tate & Lyle’s global network of 15 applications and technical service laboratories that provide applications studies, rapid prototyping and complete formulation expertise to help food and beverage customers’ transition more quickly […]

Drive towards sustainable cocoa

15 March 2012 – Barry Callebaut has launched a €33m cocoa sustainability initiative called Cocoa Horizons. The initiative aims to boost farm productivity, increase quality and improve family livelihoods in key cocoa producing countries in West and Central Africa and Indonesia over ten years. Barry Callebaut will focus first on large producer countries including Côte d’Ivoire, […]