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These are all the posts that have been tagged with almonds.

The appeal of almonds

According to the latest Innova Market Insights Global New Products Report, almonds outpaced overall food and nut introductions around the world in 2013, climbing 35%, compared to a 10% increase in 2012 (1).

Weigher handles 70 lines

With short production runs and a huge product range, a division of Switzerland’s second largest retailer has chosen a single Ishida multihead weigher to handle 70 very different products. Coop is a major force in Swiss retailing. Its Sunray division produces some 55 million units of very diverse packaging each year. As part of the […]

California almond objectives

The Almond Board of California has released the California Almond objective forecast for the 2014-2015 crop year. Based on 860,000 bearing acres, the forecast for the crop is 2.10 billion meat pounds. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Agricultural Statistics Service – California Field Office (NASS/CFO), administers the forecast. “This year’s objective forecast […]

Almonds are top nut

It was revealed after the latest Innova Market Insights global new products report that almonds have maintained their position as leading nut type as they have since 2006. Almonds are also the top nut used in bakery, desserts, cereal and ice cream worldwide and are the second most popular nut for snacking. Confectionery has continued […]

Good taste

Jonathan Thomas, principal market analyst at Leatherhead Food Research, discusses the role of flavours in confectionery and snacks.

Market for almonds grows

New research by Innova Market Insights has revealed the increasingly important role of nuts in new food products worldwide – use has increased by 148 per cent since 2005 (2012 Global New Product Introductions Report, Innova Market Insights, June 2013). In fact, consumers worldwide report that almonds are the nut they eat most often as […]

Going nuts

Graham Kingston, commercial director of inclusions and toppings specialist Pecan Deluxe Candy (Europe), charts the progress of the inclusions market.

Optical sorting limits double

Optical sorting company Bühler, has strengthened its position in nut processing with the announcement that its Sortex technology can effectively remove doubles from almonds (when two kernels are found in one shell). This is achieved using pioneering technology with pinpoint accuracy that delivers to required grade specifications, while also removing multiple defects and foreign materials. […]

$50 million purchase of Blue Diamond almonds

27 July 2012 – Chinese companies have signed a memorandum of understanding to buy at least $50 million of Blue Diamond almonds in the next 12 months. Bill Morecraft, general manager of Blue Diamond Almonds Global Ingredient Division, states, “Blue Diamond’s Global Ingredient Division pioneered bringing almonds to China nearly 40 years ago. Since then, […]

Healthier nuts for chocolate

It is widely known that consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious, and this is being highlighted in the types of chocolate they are purchasing. Requests for chocolate with fewer calories or healthier inclusions are growing. Therefore, it is good news that recent research has revealed the almonds contain 20% less calories than previously thought. I […]

Convenient, premium ingredients

2 December 2011 – Barry Callebaut continues to focus on convenience and premiumness with the launch of new confectionery decorations, fillings and inclusions. Barry Callebaut is proud to present Désir, the ultimate chocolate filling with the smoothest bite and the most delightful taste, comparable to an artisanal made ganache. The Désir filling range will help […]

Confectionery expertise for Blue Diamond Almonds

18 October 2011 – Blue Diamond Almonds has appointed of Jennifer Eastman as R & D food scientist. Eastman will focus on new product development and technology for Blue Diamond Almonds’ industrial products division. Eastman will take projects from concept through production and final testing for almond products used as ingredients in a wide variety […]

UK growth for Blue Diamond Almonds

3 October 2011 – Blue Diamond Almonds is keen to expand its presence in the UK market with its own brand consumer products and ingredients for food manufacturers. The California based company is launching a major marketing campaign throughout Europe, but is particularly focused on raising the profile of its snacks and ingredients in retail, […]

Healthy and delicious chocolate bars

2nd February 2011 – Newtree has launched five new chocolate-covered delights. The chocolate bars (30g) contain less sugar and more fibre than similar chocolates. In addition, thanks to active natural extracts, they are a source of antioxidants or omega 3. For lovers of dark chocolate, Newtree offers a superfruit bar, a Belgian biscuit bar and […]