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On the outside

Carmen Paun discusses how new EU food labelling rules are bringing harmonisation, but also challenges.

Posted 2 April 2015

Light and airy

Consultant Bill Edwards discusses the methods used to produce aerated sugar confectionery. Aeration is a process that dates back to the origins of sugar confectionery.

Posted 3 March 2015

Sustainable sourcing

Ghana is benefitting from the efforts being made across the cocoa supply chain to promote ethics and sustainability. Jonathan Dyson reports.

Posted 19 January 2015

Full steam ahead

The production of confectionery that requires heating started using a saucepan on a stove. However, very few confectionery products are now cooked using direct heat.

Posted 18 December 2014

A natural emulsifier

Dr Waldemar Buxmann, research and development director, Sternchemie, reports on the benefits of using sunflower lecithin.

Posted 18 November 2014

Process control

Keith Graham, marketing manager, Baker Perkins, discusses the role of manufacturing processes in meeting an increasing demand for taste, texture and convenience in the savoury snack market.

Posted 30 September 2014

Responsible sourcing

Paula Byrne, sustainability and CSR manager, Association of Chocolate, Biscuits and Confectionery Industries of Europe (Caobisco), describes what is being done to eliminate the worst forms of child labour during hazelnut harvesting in Turkey.

Posted 11 August 2014

A fair share

As consumers become increasingly interested in where the items they buy come from and how they are produced, the concept of Fairtrade is growing in popularity.

Posted 16 June 2014

Gum processing

Joan Mestres describes what is involved in chewing gum production and how the process has changed.

Posted 1 May 2014

Air supply

Food and confectionery industry consultant Graham Godfrey considers the most important aspects of the various methods of aeration.

Posted 4 April 2014

Going organic

Rafal Taciak, commercial director for cocoa and Christina Franken, marketing communication, Tradin Organic, discuss the challenges of meeting a growing demand for organic cocoa.

Posted 11 March 2014

Quality at speed

Torsten Giese of Ishida Europe discusses some of the latest developments in weighing and detection technologies.

Posted 14 February 2014

In the mix

Kitty So, Alan Osborn, Lee Adendorf, Wang Fangqing and Keith Nuthall report on innovations in the mixing technology.

Posted 20 December 2013

Good taste

Jonathan Thomas, principal market analyst at Leatherhead Food Research, discusses the role of flavours in confectionery and snacks.

Posted 11 November 2013