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End of line engineering

Andrew Yates outlines the factors to consider when investing in automation and end of line packaging systems.

Posted 15 December 2016

Health and nutrition

With a clear focus on protein and gelatin free concepts, Health Ingredients Europe (HiE) provided manufacturers with plenty of food for thought. Katie Smith reports.

Posted 15 December 2016

Coding sweet success

John Tierney evaluates the trends, challenges and opportunities in labelling and coding.

Posted 10 November 2016

What next for cocoa?

Confectionery Production’s web editor Megan Humphrey attended the European Cocoa Forum in Dubrovnik, Croatia, to discover the challenges facing the cocoa industry.

Posted 10 November 2016

Sweet like sugar

Katie Smith meets director Ben Eastick to find out how confectionery is set to play a bigger role at Ragus Sugars Manufacturing.

Posted 4 October 2016

Restless robots

Mike Wilson explores the many ways robot technology is helping UK confectionery manufacturers remain competitive in such an unpredictable market.

Posted 4 October 2016

What’s cooking in gelled confectionery?

When choosing the right gelling agents for confectionery products, a number of key factors have to be taken into consideration. Dirk De Cooman and Cindy Dekeyser investigate.

Posted 2 September 2016

No one size fits all

Confectionery Production speaks to Alessandro Cagli about his goals for the Association of Chocolate, Biscuit and Confectionery Industries of Europe (Caobisco) over the next two years and the opportunities that lie ahead.

Posted 2 September 2016

A closer look at coatings

Nick Hewitt highlights the challenges and opportunities within coating, polishing and glazing for confectionery manufacturers and assesses the key areas for expansion.

Posted 1 August 2016

Nuts for almonds

Harbinder Mann highlights the potential uses for almonds and their beneficial impact for consumers and manufacturers alike.

Posted 1 August 2016

Creating value through innovation

Consultant Graham Godfrey discusses the use of specialist ingredient manufacturers to innovate and why this doesn’t have to be as stressful as it sounds.

Posted 16 June 2016

The natural way

Johan Cerstiaens, sales director at SVZ, describes how colouring foods and fruit flavours can help confectionery producers boost the shelf appeal of their products.

Posted 16 June 2016

The rights and wrongs of nutrition labelling

Nutritional labelling for confectionery and sweet bakery products sold across the EU becomes mandatory by 13 December 2016, but the industry is confident it will comply. By Liz Newmark in Brussels.

Posted 1 June 2016

The next step for whey permeate

Global regulators look set to approve a global standard for whey permeate powders, which should bring new opportunities for this versatile dairy ingredient. Suzanne Christiansen reports.

Posted 22 April 2016