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Editor’s blog

Are you ready?

ProSweets and ISM are now just a couple of weeks away. As a lover of all things indulgent, I am very much looking forward to my second visit to ISM and of course, my first experience of ProSweets, which takes place biannually.

Posted 12 January 2015

Seasons greetings

According to Wikipedia, Christmas crackers are part of Christmas celebrations primarily in the UK, Ireland and Commonwealth countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa. But apparently their origins are sweet related. Pull a cracker this Christmas, in the UK at least, and it’s likely you will receive a set of mini screwdrivers, […]

Posted 23 December 2014

Looking ahead

As we near the final deadline of 2014, we’re looking ahead to the new year. We hope you like the new look Confectionery Production, which will land on your desks in January.

Posted 9 December 2014

New year, new look

Next week, we will be making the final tweaks to the new look December/January issue of Confectionery Production. Exciting times are ahead. But before we can finalise the content of the first issue of the magazine to mark 80 years of CP, we have a visit to one more big show to look forward to. […]

Posted 2 December 2014

No cocoa deficit  

The International Cocoa Organisation (ICCO) has responded to numerous press reports over recent weeks identifying potential deficits in the supply of cocoa in the years to come by emphasising that its projections in no way support this view. Reports of a deficit, possibly reaching a level of one million tonnes in the year 2020, have […]

Posted 25 November 2014

Were you there?

Having returned from a successful trip to Dubai last week where we attended Gulfood Manufacturing, we are keen to know what others thought of the event. Exhibitors during the show appeared very positive and there certainly seemed to be plenty of visitors to the Dubai World Trade Centre where the event was held. Sweets & […]

Posted 18 November 2014

A focus on health

It’s that time of year again – show time – and in the November issue of Confectionery Production we look forward to two of the most important industry events to take place before the end of 2014. Gulfood Manufacturing will be held from 9-11 November at the Dubai World Trade Centre and Health ingredients Europe […]

Posted 4 November 2014

Consumers care

Almost one-third of British consumers reject artificial additives, according to a pan-European survey conducted by the market research institute Innofact AG on behalf of the GNT Group. It also found that even the calorie content is less important. According to the study, sweet lovers not only pay attention to taste and flavour; many consumers specifically care […]

Posted 28 October 2014

Back to basics

Chocolate is a particularly exciting sector to be involved in and the more I know about the issues that affect those who work in the industry, the more interested I become in where it all begins, and that is with the ingredients that go into chocolate, and particularly the most important one, cocoa.

Posted 21 October 2014

Demand for natural sweeteners

The concerns about obesity and related health problems plus sugar taxes in many countries have stimulated the market for non-caloric sweeteners, according to a new Canadean report. Natural plant-derived sweeteners, such as stevia, are therefore becoming increasingly popular. As a result of an increased focus on sugar calories, the consumer demand for non-caloric sweeteners is projected […]

Posted 14 October 2014

Exciting times

By now, you should have received your bumper October issue of Confectionery Production, which as always at this time of year features our directory of supplier profiles. It’s definitely one to hang on to! All the biggest manufacturers are included, so you’ll know where to look to ensure all your production and processing needs are […]

Posted 7 October 2014

The revolution is coming!

I’m not the most regular blogger, and I must improve. Blogging is such an important way of interacting with your readers, so in an attempt to spur myself into action, I have asked a colleague to write something…

Posted 23 September 2014

The appeal of almonds

According to the latest Innova Market Insights Global New Products Report, almonds outpaced overall food and nut introductions around the world in 2013, climbing 35%, compared to a 10% increase in 2012 (1).

Posted 21 August 2014

Up on the roof

As two Italian chefs expertly demonstrated how a Raffaello is created at the Ferrero Carnival press event, it was easy to imagine that each and every one of these chocolates is hand made with such skill and precision.

Posted 13 August 2014