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Editor’s blog

Nobody does it better

At last, here I am in Chicago. Having wandered around the Sweets & Snacks Expo tasting all sorts of irresistible confections, its salad on the menu for me at mealtimes.

Posted 20 May 2015

Life is sweet

This time next week I will be en route to Chicago to attend the NCA Sweets & Snacks Expo. It is many years since I last visited the US and it will be my first trip to Chicago.

Posted 12 May 2015

Eating with your ears

‘Crunchy’ is just one of the descriptive terms that are increasingly appearing on packaging to entice us to buy products in which this is an appealing attribute. Tools have even been introduced to measure the potential ‘crunchiness’ profile of certain ingredients to help manufacturers choose and replicate the level of crunch that is required. In […]

Posted 5 May 2015

Creating a buzz

Cadbury has created a bit of a buzz by introducing a chocolate bar that incorporates seven different flavours – Caramel, Fruit & Nut, Whole Nut, Oreo, Daim and Turkish. The bar will be available as a limited edition – only 50 bars will be made. On balance, here at CP HQ, we think a bar […]

Posted 28 April 2015

Keeping consumers sweet

The debate surrounding sugar in food continues worldwide – in Europe in particular there have been clear government warnings to consumers to reduce daily intakes due to the link between sugar consumption and obesity and diabetes. Therefore, natural and healthier sweeteners are becoming an increasingly popular solution for consumers of baked goods who wish to […]

Posted 22 April 2015

Soggy biscuits

Here in the UK, many of us like to dunk our biscuits into a cup of tea; apparently dunking releases more flavour by dissolving the sugar they contain, as well as softening the texture; some are less likely than others to become so soggy that they break off and fall in! And it turns out […]

Posted 14 April 2015

Fair trade practices

We hear a lot about issues such as fair trade and sustainability, but as is often the case, there is a lot more to consider when it comes to initiating such practices than many of us may realise. A report from the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University says that the negative effects, such as […]

Posted 2 April 2015

What’s real?

It turns out that London has a history of counterfeit confectionery and falsified foodstuffs; from children’s sweets dyed with copper to wine sweetened with lead, food historian Tasha Marks has researched the many different ways in which candy makers and chefs have taken shortcuts while cooking since the 1880s. Apparently some pretty harmful ingredients were […]

Posted 31 March 2015

On the run

Having enjoyed a visit to London’s Excel for IFE this week, there was just enough time to put the April issue of CP to bed before heading off to Cologne to attend Anuga FoodTech. The exhibitors and industry representatives I meet at shows are almost always a catalyst for future articles and interviews, and I’ve […]

Posted 24 March 2015

Pure indulgence

Spending time in the confectionery section of London’s famously luxurious department store Fortnum & Mason last week was a joy. The mainstream confectionery brands that we know and love in the UK have their place – elsewhere – of course, but this is somewhere you might go to find something extra special. That is, if […]

Posted 17 March 2015

Egg shaped

With Easter just around the corner, my thoughts have turned, naturally, to eggs. Like lots of products that were once seasonally exclusive, certain egg-shaped confections are now popular and therefore available all year round.

Posted 10 March 2015

A baking revolution

Since the Great British Bake Off was first shown in the UK back in 2010, a baking revolution has slowly but surely made it’s way across the nation. Sales of flour and other baking ingredients have continued to rise since the series was aired, but what does this mean for manufactured bakery items? According to […]

Posted 3 March 2015

Keeping it topical

As a monthly printed publication, CP can never hope to be at the forefront when it comes to breaking news. Of course, we have the CP website for up to date news coverage, but in the magazine we aim to take a more in depth look at what’s happening in the industry worldwide.

Posted 24 February 2015

A lasting legacy

In the unlikely event that you missed the sad news of the death of Michele Ferrero on Valentine’s Day, here at CP, we of course wanted to pay tribute to an industry figure whose global chocolate empire made him Italy’s richest man. Mr Ferrero’s father, a pastry maker named Pietro, developed Giandujot, the forerunner to […]

Posted 17 February 2015