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Editor’s blog

Chocolate bonanza

I’m in France today, visiting Valrhona’s global centre to celebrate Guanaja’s 30th birthday. And it looks like June will be a busy month all round.

Posted 1 June 2016

Full fat versus low fat

Public Health England (PHE) has this week branded a new report that suggests eating fat doesn’t make consumers fat “irresponsible” and says it “misleads the public”.

Posted 25 May 2016

Cadbury favourite makes a return

Cadbury fans out there will be pleased to learn of the return of one of the brand’s favourite products: Cadbury Dairy Milk Tiffin.

Posted 18 May 2016

Doughnuts all round

I could start by asking you how you like your doughnuts, but I won’t. It’s National Doughnut week – not only an excuse to eat as many delicious jam, chocolate or ring baked goods as you like, but it’s also a chance to raise money for charity.

Posted 11 May 2016

A welcome message

It gives me great pleasure to introduce myself as the new editor of Confectionery Production and Sweets & Snacks World.

Posted 4 May 2016

Top trends in sweets and snacks

It’s useful to track what’s going on in the market place whatever area of the confectionery sector you work in. With that in mind, Innova Market Insights has highlighted the top 10 trends in sweets – chocolate and confectionery – and snacks.

Posted 3 February 2016

Ginger Nut shortage hits

While taking a few days annual leave last week, I happened to be in the car listening to a radio phone in. As I’m always on the look out for an interesting blogging topic, my ears pricked up when a caller mentioned a lack of McVitie’s Ginger Nut biscuits in her local supermarket.

Posted 27 January 2016

See you at ProSweets

We have just sent the February issue of Confectionery Production to press. With ProSweets less than two weeks away, included, of course, there is a preview of the show, where you will find details of a selection of key exhibitors.

Posted 20 January 2016

Last call for ProSweets and ISM

It’s nearly time to head off to Germany again for ProSweets and ISM, which run side by side and offer something for the entire industry to look forward to.

Posted 13 January 2016

Paying the price

A study undertaken by Kansas State University and supported by Hershey has revealed that Millennials – those aged 18-25 – don’t always choose the ethical chocolates they claim to prefer.

Posted 6 January 2016

Happy New Year

Well, this will be my final blog of 2015. Many of us will be taking a well earned break and of course enjoying some seasonal sweet and savoury treats.

Posted 30 December 2015

Supply chain transparency

It’s about time that consumers really understood what is behind moves within the food industry to ensure there is true supply chain transparency.

Posted 21 December 2015

All in moderation

With all the hype about cutting down on those things that are bad for our health, such as sugar, salt and fat, there is growing demand for healthier sweets and snacks that still provide that hit of indulgence. However, at this time of year, many of us throw caution to the wind.

Posted 16 December 2015

Key trends

Following our trip to Food ingredients Europe in Paris this month, the joint December/January issue of CP will have an ingredients focus and an image showing a selection of so-called ‘functional ingredients’ on the cover.

Posted 9 December 2015