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Editor’s blog

Supply chain transparency

It’s about time that consumers really understood what is behind moves within the food industry to ensure there is true supply chain transparency.

Posted 21 December 2015

All in moderation

With all the hype about cutting down on those things that are bad for our health, such as sugar, salt and fat, there is growing demand for healthier sweets and snacks that still provide that hit of indulgence. However, at this time of year, many of us throw caution to the wind.

Posted 16 December 2015

Key trends

Following our trip to Food ingredients Europe in Paris this month, the joint December/January issue of CP will have an ingredients focus and an image showing a selection of so-called ‘functional ingredients’ on the cover.

Posted 9 December 2015

Vive la Paris

Despite recent events here in Paris, the vibe here at Food ingredients Europe, which is being held at the Villepinte exhibition centre in the French capital, is a positive one.

Posted 1 December 2015

An epic journey

Travelling to Mierlo in the Netherlands this week did not quite go to plan. I arrived at Gatwick airport ready for my short flight to Amsterdam in good time, but unfortunately the relaxed journey I had imagined was not to be.

Posted 25 November 2015

Food for thought

I always enjoy Food Matters Live, which is currently taking place at London’s ExCel. I love the fact that the exhibitors have time to talk and I always learn a lot and come away with plenty of inspiration for future articles and interviews for Confectionery Production.

Posted 19 November 2015

A focus on waste reduction

Apparently, in general, the more complicated the structure of a packaging material, the better the barrier it will provide. However, unfortunately, it is also likely to be less environmentally friendly.

Posted 11 November 2015

Paying for convenience

Maltesers, owned by Mars, is the UK’s best selling chocolate brand in convenience stores with sales of nearly £50m, according to data compiled by IRI Convenience Market Place.

Posted 4 November 2015

An international flavour

As we are about to send the latest issue of CP to press, here is an overview of what’s inside to whet your appetite. I chose the gorgeous cocoa pod picture on the cover as a reminder of where the journey to creating a chocolate product begins.

Posted 28 October 2015

A focus on the Czech Republic

It is both interesting and relevant for anyone who works in the confectionery sector to know and understand at least some of what is happening in different confectionery markets.

Posted 21 October 2015

Quality not quantity

There are very few people who don’t love chocolate, and of course it doesn’t all have to be of the high end, artisan variety.

Posted 14 October 2015

Small packages

The confectionery category is of course highly competitive, with brands both big and small competing to stand out on the shelves.

Posted 7 October 2015

Time flies

It’s hard to believe that the October issue of Confectionery Production is on its way. Here in the UK, autumn is in the air, and it’s the time of year when we start planning the content of the magazine for 2016.

Posted 30 September 2015

Health and happiness

Despite what most people might think, apparently chocolate can help you lose weight.

Posted 23 September 2015